Twinkling Tail lights

It’s been raining since yesterday until today. With Christmas Day coming coupled with wet, slick roads – everything looks like twinkling lights to me.

Thankfully no accidents encountered. No traffic jams.

Just coconut jams ;-)


Photo of the Cajon Pass Ring – as I’d like to call it.

Featured Image -- 2062

Hanukkah For Dummmies


From a fellow blogger of mine who is so talented! She is amazing, Marissa Bergen!

Originally posted on Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth:

In 168 BC,
Things looked badly for the Jews,
It seemed the Greek emperor,
Wanted them to worship Zeus.

The Jews they didn’t like this,
And the Jews said, “Oy yoy yoy,
Who is this meshuggeneh?
I think that he’s a goy!

And so the Jews did dissent,
To the mountains they did flee,
And this brave group of rebels,
Were known as the Maccabees.

(And to avoid confusion,
And set you straight on your facts,
This wasn’t the group of hippies,
Who followed Fleetwood Mac.)

And so a war did ensue,
And it was quite a ruckus,
The Jews said “We worship freely,
Or we’re gonna kick your tokhes!”

I don’t know how they did it,
But the Jews thwarted the Greeks,
Cause I’ve read Greek mythology,
Have you seen those physiques?

They got back to their temple,
Old hang of the Greek army,
Though they did not win…

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Parcel Tongue

Yipes! With only fourteen days to go
’til Christmas Day,
Hoping to finish in time and not break the bank as I check off items on The List of my Parcelmouths.

Boxes and boxes
Coming, being delivered by either
The post lady, UPS or FedEx.
Going straight to the Chamber of Secrets,
Otherwise known as the linen closet,
Until all is wrapped up and ready for show.

With no time (nor patience!) to go to an actual shopping mall,
Ordered all my parcels be delivered at home.
Saved time and sanity dealing with crowds and long lines at the counter.

As long as I stick to The List,
I’ll be fine.
A trait I have yet to master,
Practiced to perfection by my Butler.

It was a really windy today,
I hope all the items purchased
Make its way with no delays.

Would love to see those lil faces light up,
Brighter than the Christmas lights on the tree.
Provided it’s a gift received with delight.

If unwanted, Oh well! I guess it’ll be another, Christmas to Remember.


One at a Time

Please, don’t push.
We all want to go home.
We all want to make it in one piece,
So please, don’t rush.

I may be small and short,
But it does not mean you can set me to the side.
I was here in front a while ago,
Where you all are now.
But just so you know,
I have some place to go, too.

Fish in tins we will be,
When these doors open.
Try not to shove me, please
On your way in.

If I were some cave man,
I will push you too.
But I am not.
Refined manners I have,
Wait for my turn, I will.

String and Bow

Been listening to Bryson Andres’s songs. I thought it’s a perfect day today to listen to violins.
Here’s a post, brought by an inspiration from his music, I wrote last year when I first heard about him on YouTube.

It all started with a photograph.
You made a peace sign.
That’s what you do.
Little did we know we’d be going down this path.
Unfinished. Unknown. Left wondering on what-ifs and coulda-beens.

You serenaded me with your strings and bow. Til it was too late for me to realize you made an impression on my unfretted heart.

Got caught in growing up and living our own lives.
Trying to find meaning and purpose.
Even went away and started another life.

Searched and fiddled through,
Asked all around
If you were anywhere to be found.
But alas it was not up to me.
All is now in Providence’s Hand.


Only a Cajon Pass Commuter would..

I had a previous post on what’s it like living in Victorville. Now what’s it like being a commuter.

Only a Cajon Pass Commuter would:

- Rack up on mileage points. If there were ever a travel points club, I’d be its first member. I’m used to hours of travel. Though there are times I’d rather be home and be a shut-in.

- Go through different weather systems in a day, especially wintertime. Here in Victorville would be cold and foggy. Along the Pass would be snowy. If you haven’t seen a snowstorm, the Pass is the place to be. Though I wouldn’t recommend one stay there and park on the shoulder, it’s too dangerous. Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga area, you’ll be greeted with pounding rain. Then when you get to Los Angeles, all is dry and sunny. Yep, LA has got the perfect weather.

- Pack towels, blankets, wet wipes, torch/flashlights, water, snacks in the car. Just in case of a sudden calamity or getting stranded along the way.

- Be worried about not having enough petrol in the car. Imagine with only a bit left with your cat shuddering to go on. Then you get stuck in traffic with nowhere to go but the shoulder and wait for the tow truck (if you get a signal in your cellphone). What if you got kids with you?

- Sign up for traffic updates. At least my brother would. He doesn’t even live in Victorville! But he lets me know what’s happening with traffic and even here around Victorville. Like last Saturday he called me about a fire. I was oblivious. I looked out the window and told him I don’t see anything unusual happening.

- Say “down the hill” meaning down with the rest of the civilization. When we were new here, this phrase used to annoy the heck out of me. Now, I catch myself saying this as well. It’s a way of life. Resistance is futile. Just in this example.

- Say, “.. I’ll be home in a couple hours..” That meant going straight home!


This Christmas…

Thanksgiving Day marks the start of the holidays.
Day after starts putting up the Christmas tree.
If I’m awake after being up in line since midnight for that most coveted TV that has been slashed more than fifty percent off.

Going back and forth to the list of gifts made during the year to avoid all the crowds, all the hoopla about the holidays,
the mad dash for all to accomplish.
Annoying glances at the customer service counter that seem to move quarter of an inch every hour.

Fights breaking out at the parking lot about who was here first and who gets the space.

When we forget what the season is about.

Learning to wait.
Not instant gratification which seem to be the norm nowadays.


Ain’t Christmas season the extreme tale?


Five Finds in the High Desert

Living here in Victorville can sometimes feel like you are on an island. Most may not consider it paradise but it is home. It was around springtime when we decided to buy a house. We used to drive during nighttime from Los Angeles and check the neighborhood we were going to live in. Seems safe.
But one thing we noticed that stood out is the night sky. Full of stars, brightly shining. Oh and especially during full moon! We used to sit in the car and just look up. Gaze upon the stars and dream.

We fell in love.

We kinda knew what we were signing up for, especially the commute part.

So, here are my five findings about living in the High Desert:

1. Pack on plenty of sleep – whenever you can.
We all know that with having babies, you WILL lack sleep. It’s a given. Coupled with commuting to and from the Cajon Pass? One would need to “use” that sleep you’ve “invested and had set aside” before babies. Also, just the thought that I used to have four-hour naps were enough to get me by. Sigh, those were the days…

2. Water tends to be expensive too. We need water (and sewer) – a necessity.

3. An airconditioner is a must. If outside, a hat for the burning sun. Be prepared for the 100-plus-something degrees in summertime. If you can stay indoors, please do. Run and seek shelter, if you must. The heat is brutal for somebody who’s not used to the heat, unlike for a tropical native like me who starts thawing at 85 degrees Farenheight.

4. Sunglases.
Besides the glaring, searing heat, you need protection as well from the wind, especially when seasons change. It can get very windy in between weather changes. Hold on to your hat. Chain down your furniture, as what our neighbors do. You don’t want giving away your inflatable pool!
We used to have bird pets. One day we left them outside so they can breathe some fresh air. But suddenly it got windy and the next thing we know we look outside to find the cage “floating” like a levitation spell was cast upon it then slammed down on the grass with the cage door open.

5. Blanket for the cold, snowy days.
Winter in Victorville can get very cold. Not only would the blanket be nice to keep you warm, it’d be nice to lay on it for star gazing too. Hot cocoa optional.

Hmmm, on second thought, yes it’ll be nice to have one or two.

I’d Gladly Let You Know

Driving along the Cajon Pass was a breeze today. Could it be that closing the bypass lane DID make a difference on the flow of traffic? Or could it be because of the Thanksgiving holiday coming that a lot of commuters are on a holiday too? Whatever it is, I’m not complaining. Just thankful I am not stuck in traffic.

But I was not off the hook yet. Just as I was getting into the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station parking lot, there was a train to Los Angeles pulling in. Clock says 7:18. It can’t be my train. Did the schedule change? I wondered. Perhaps not. I figured it may be the earlier train running late.

I did not bother to hurry. I was not gonna make it anyways.

Went my way to the platform at my usual time. I’m not panicking. Yet. Took my notebook out and my fountain pen. I just gotta write what’s in my head.

Hmmmmm… the train’s taking longer than usual. 7:36. It’s not here yet. Checked the Metrolink update. Nothing. Train? Nowhere in sight too. I wonder….

Afterwards, this lady looked at me and said, “Train’s coming. Checked Twitter and it’s delayed because of speed restrictions.”

Well, there you go. Bob’s yer uncle! Fifteen minutes of wondering. Wonder no more. Darn, I really need to get Twitterin’ too!

Thanks, lady! And wished her a great day!



Man vs. Train: No Contest

‘Tis true….
Man vs. Train: No Contest

Last week, train’s been delayed. Someone got run over by a train.
Sad, if by accident.
Sadder that someone would do it to oneself by choice.

Always stop behind the yellow lines.
Don’t risk it.
It’s not worth it.