I’m With You in Sparkly and Stillness

Be with me?
Was your question
When we first went out,
To a movie of Angelina Jolie.

We couldn’t get enough of each other,
That all I see in the mirror
Your face
Was all I could think of, day after day.
I was high in ecstasy.

Not even into six months we’re together,
When you asked me,
To be with you forever.
I said yes!
On that beautiful Valentine’s day at the Getty Centre.

Though I knew you were gonna ask,
I have eyes and ears everywhere.
I am Sherlock Holmes, you’d know that years later.

You surprised me though when you spoke it,
In my mother’s tongue,
Then I knew I’ve met my match.

And so we tied the knot.
Never mind the bloody feet we got.
From ill-fitted shoes that we had on,
We were happy and giddy that together forever lives on.

Our life of sparkle and a few loose screws,
All bubbly and
Full of paparazzi.
It just seem like that
When the camera’s in our hands.

We try to capture every moment in paper,
Though I sure do wish we had one,
Remember when Old Bill pushed our Mini with his patrol car in the freeway?
That happened two or three? years ago around this same time too.
Now that would make a picturesque anniversary photo!

There is another one,
When you bonked your head with a sledgehammer
Trying to put Christmas lights on the house?
Yes you were bloody OK,
You were still breathing,
But dare not put my heart to test again!

Nothing will ever compare, though, with what we have,
Etched in our memories and in our hearts,
And that of our offsprings’ that will remain long years after ours.

So I ask you on this day,
Twentieth day of November
Year twenty and fourteen,
To be with me (and probably Wolfie)
Be with me in all sparkly (and loony),

When our responsibilities dwindle,
You think they would ever?
When we come to that moot point,
When all we have is each other,
Baby, be my friend,
But more importantly,
Be with me in stillness for all eternity.


I Didn’t Have Current Tags on my Truck and It Got Impounded at Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga What Do I Do?

I Didn’t Have Current Tags on my Truck and It Got Impounded at Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga: What Do I Do?

Strangely enough, this Google search yielded my website to be a number one result. Try it. I did! Someone, an odd cousin of yours perhaps, whose truck has been towed from the Metrolink station in Rancho Cucamonga will find my site disappointing. I’m sorry you didn’t find any answer in it.

I may have a degree in Psychology, but many institutions find that having one is not enough to get into public service. So I’ll set up my own. Or probably just answer your question 😉.

One doesn’t need a degree to find this out, however. Searched for a City of Rancho Cucamonga website – everyone has one nowadays.

Here’s the address:

Here’s a snapshot of it:


The website says the common reasons why a vehicle was impounded and what documents you need and what to do.

You will need a vehicle release from the police department as well. It costs $100 to obtain one.


Hope this post helps.
Hey, this was fun. Maybe I should dedicate a “Dear Cousin Vinny” post every week to answer these important, though odd questions?

Picture source from Photobucket

Woof! Woof!: A Peek into What-if-We-Had-A-Dog

My son spotted him. “There’s a dog in our back garden!” He said this excitingly and with disbelief.

I was just there a few seconds ago and how could I miss not seeing a dog? Just as I turned to look back, I was scared to death at the size of it. It’s HUGE.

big dog 1

Look at those piercing amber eyes and ears perked up, as if ready to attack. Doesn’t he look scary? I’ve never had a dog or a pet.


This is not the first time a dog had wandered in our back garden. It’s the fourth time actually. First, it was next door neighbour’s dog who had dug its way under the fence into our side. Second, it was this big, black dog with a bit of a limp. He’d probably jumped over the fence into ours that caused its limp. We only had him for a few hours and got picked up by its owner.

Next was this small one..he’s next door’s and my daughter had let him in. Look at her chasing it with a hot dog which she grabbed from the fridge!

My daughter bossing this teeny tiny dog around.

My daughter bossing this teeny tiny dog around.

Then this German Shepherd just this weekend.

We fed him some left-over pizza which he wolfed down pretty quickly. Offered him water in the biggest bowl I could find. That too was lapped up. This dog is weary. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. And I am no genius when it comes to dogs. Best person is my butler.
Pretty soon, they’re friends.


Look at them! I can’t do that. Look at me. Still sitting behind the screen door, taking pictures. I’m comfortable with this barrier between us, thank you.

Being the protective mother, I told my kids to let Daddy handle it. He’s the expert in this.

Called the number on its tag. It was the Animal Control’s number. Who puts an animal control’s number on the tag???
No answer. So we just left a message.

We provided some blankets and rugs to sleep on. It’s gonna be a very cold night.

Next day, I couldn’t sleep any more. Five thirty I was up. I kept thinking on how cold it is for him that every time I turn and pull and cuddle the covers on me, I think of him. Right away, I made my way to the back garden door to check on the dog. He’s up. He probably heard me.

I had soup I made from yesterday so I readied it. Woke my butler up. I wanted to give the bowl myself but the dog kept barking at me. The bowl in my hand shook every time he did.

So my butler gave the bowl. It’s the first time anybody gave a big, satisfied, tongue-out smile to my cooking! So much gusto!

Afterwards, he looked like he wanted to play. But we were still in our pajamas. We just lounged around on a lazy Sunday. Talked about how dogs end up in our garden. This was it.


Wolfie (as we had named him) is leaving!
Tried coaxing him to come back for he might get hurt from jumping that high. He still did.

Feeling responsible for him, my butler looked for him. After twenty minutes, he’s back. Followed by Wolfie right behind him.

My butler invited him inside and by this time, the kids were up. All were too excited. Like it was morning of Christmas.

Wolfie and I hadn’t met. I froze when he came near me. He sniffed me, I felt violated.

He came near my littlest one, I faced him. He backed up. Good.

Wolfie was in a very playful mood. Grabbed every shoe he could chew on. Tugged at my baby’s blankie to which he was scolded upon.

For a while it seemed like he was one of us.


But like the wild wolf he is, he leapt onto the fence again…..

For fleeting moment, he was family.

For a moment, he was ours.

And for a moment, Wolfie considered it.


Gawkers, Aren’t We?

While most of you were dreaming sweet dreams last night, it was a nightmare for some. Especially the ones stuck on the bypass lane on the I-15 South on Cajon Pass.

As I got off the train and got into my car, I checked the traffic. Oh no! There was a Sig alert issued on the I-15 SOUTH (I am going North) freeway on the bypass lane. But it’s affecting both sides of the freeway. Oh boy.

I continued on. It was a breeze – until I got to the scales at 138. All cars were stopping. Then moving at only 3-8 mph, I called my butler and told him what’s happening and he said jokingly, “See you, Saturday night!” With the speed we’re going, I might as well be.

I did not see any cars coming from the other direction, just a fire truck and an ambulance speeding away. So I thought it must be really bad. It’s a Sig alert after all. There must be a fatality. Nothing’s coming from the South side. Then again, we were not moving any faster either.

Crawling up along the Cajon Pass that took almost an hour, a big rig had toppled over. Oh dear. It has completely blocked the two-lane bypass! What’s more sad was that the long line of cars stuck behind it and they had turned off their engines and lights. From afar, the bypass lane looks empty. But look closely, the drivers had just given up. Stranded. They knew they were not going anywhere. I feel for them.

Further up, they’ve closed the bypass lanes. But my gosh, the traffic just went on and on – on the other side.

That’s when it hit me:

I realised there was nothing really on our side to slow us down. Just like what the CHP said. Sig alert’s on the SOUTH side but affecting both sides. So I made my way to the farthest lane that was causing the delay. I looked in my rearview mirror, nobody was behind me. All were still there.



Why can’t we just GO!?!


This is Crazy: I Didn’t Say This is Real

I woke up to a crisp, bright morning.
So unlike last night’s traffic I hit on my way home!
All I saw was a winnebago dead stop in the freeway.

Anyways, today is another day.
Life goes on.
Whilst all was bright, along the way, it got a bit misty and foggy.
Got to my destination.
And as I make my way to the train’s platform, at the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station,
A speeding car in bright red
Screeched to a halt in front of me.
Threw his phone at me,
which I caught with two hands.
Felt it was still warm
Figured he’d just been on a phone call.

While I just stood frozen, dumbfounded
Wondering why the heck did this bloke do so???
Looked at him, to which he replied with a wink,
“So call me, maybe?”


Olive Oyl and Water Don’t Mix: A Look at Jackson Pollock

Because it’s Veteran’s Day today and we are all fighters in this war called Life, here’s an American tribute to one American painter, Paul Jackson Pollock.

Last weekend, we watched a movie/documentary on Jackson Pollock’s life.
I couldn’t help but be inspired by his wife’s (Lee Krasner) dedication that despite his (Pollock) neurotic behaviour, along with his own genius work, she stood by him.
Sometimes we need this “stability” to achieve greatness amidst the swirling rage we have in us.
So, if you all allow me to say that if Don McLean has Vincent on Van Gogh, here’s my take on Jackson Pollock and his wife’s intense, eccentric love:

Admit it, you’re afraid of me.
No matter how hard I try
You are immiscible with me
And maybe you should stick with other lipophilics like yourself.

First time I met you, I thought,
You were sleek
Your suave yet timid demeanour
Immediately drew me in
In dangerous, tense, hot situations,
You performed well.

You made everything look, taste and feel wonderful,
With your viscous stature,
Further reeling me in.
Spreading your exciting spitter spatter
That dwells naturally in your favour.

You were ambient enough,
When sober,
No distractions
Is all the cure.

You thought you make the best situation out of the worst with your
Refined characteristics, called friends.
Mixed with alcohol, it was a trap.
They brought the beast in you.
Still acting as emulsifier as hard as I can,
But just like the oil you are
Flammable, and potently, more volatile.

Soon you showed your true colours.
Left you alone.
You were toxic, being true to your nature
Lacking oxygen, should only be used in small doses
You not only left dust
Also, awe and magnificence,
For your works are thereby suffocating, asphyxiating ’til the end.

Picture Source


Life is Too Short for Brain Fogs: 10 Tips on What Not to Do When You Got Car Trouble

It was my first time ALONE – when my car broke down.

We all panic to some extent. It could be the feeling you get in your tummy when something goes wrong or the gulp you do when you’ve realised something’s gone amiss.

I had a post previously on car care guidelines and while you may check your car’s condition often and make sure it’s on tip-top shape, it is inevitable that a problem may still occur, mechanical or electrical.

So, allow me tell you a story that happened around two years ago when I was still parking at the Metrolink Fontana station.

I had a brain fog one night when my car got awkwardly stuck in the entrance to the I-210 freeway while driving along Sierra Ave.

My car was hesitating and slowing down. Stopped and started it again. But eventually, it just stopped.

I didn’t know what to do.

Here are some scenarios when the fog clouds you:

1. Your car stops. You get out and try to push your car out of the way (especially if you’re going uphill). 

It was around 8PM on a dark night, stuck near the entrance to the I-210 freeway. Smartest thing to do is look in your rearview mirror to check for oncoming cars, get out of the car and start pushing. It’s not too heavy, is it?

2. Call all the people you know, they’ll know what to do.

I couldn’t move the car. So I went back in. Called my butler. He’s the only one who can tell me what’s wrong with the car. But of course, without seeing the car, he couldn’t. He told me to call the tow company. We have Triple A.

3. Don’t know your car’s color? Tell the tow company any color you like.

I called Triple A. I was asked for the car’s color and make and model and my approximate address, if known. All along I thought my car’s color was beige. Next day in daylight, I surveyed it – it is silver.

4. Don’t tell the agent you’re in a bad spot.

Just tell them your car’s plate number and Triple A knows exactly where you are. They will come.

5. Don’t provide landmarks on where you are.

They have locked on to your coordinates. They have satellite cameras. No worries.

6. While waiting, don’t put your seatbelt on.

Don’t worry about cars coming and hitting you, especially you’re in a bad spot.  They will see you stalled – and avoid you – just in time.

7. Don’t mention to dispatcher how many passengers are with you.

Let’s say you are with your kids or there are passengers with you when the car breaks down, don’t you worry, dispatcher will know exactly how many are with you. They have heat sensors, didn’t you know?

8. Hop in and hope for the best.

A tow truck comes. You’re too embarrassed to ask for identification. Don’t check tow truck’s name and logo. Don’t ask for names either. Just act cool. They come in peace.

9. Have a fight with the tow truck driver.

Ask why it took him long to come and rescue you.

10. Finally, don’t check your fuel level.**

You’re a girl. It’s a stereotype. The dispatcher and the driver and your hubby KNOWS you have no idea where the fuel gauge is and how to read it, anyways.


***These were scenarios that could happen when you have car trouble (and brain fog). Some of them, I have done (#s 1-4), the rest I learned from chatting with the tow truck driver. You know I had a looong way home. It’s one good way to pass the time (and keep him awake!).

**I nearly did have a fight with him when he asked me if I checked the petrol gauge! Most common scenario among lady drivers, so I’m told.


AAA have dealt with numerous scenarios, and they should have standard operating procedure questions when dealing with customers. How else could I have known those things had not the driver told me those were the things to look out for?

Hope this help clear out the fog that seem to appear when you panic.


Bolts of Lightning for You

Dearest Ma,

I know you’ve been thinking of me.
Cos you keep playing Mr. Billy Joel’s, “Goodnight, my Angel” again for the nth time.
They’re like a lightning bolt
Sending a million volts through my train of thought

I then stop and think of you, too.

Did you know why there are balloons in the sky?
Those are from the Land Babies
Sent to the Sky Babies.
I’ve played with them while I look down aloft a merry cloud.
No one can resist the popping which you call “thunder”.

You need not worry though,
For I am in good hands now.

I would’ve been the perfect middle child.
Causing havoc and getting into all kinds of trouble,
That no one can comprehend why.

I would’ve loved being a suckling for a year.
See my face light up
And hear me coo
When I know and feel you’re near.

I would’ve loved hearing Dad recite his poem of the birds and the bees, with sarcasm, when I cause trouble or, with stars twinkling in your eyes, when I’ve been an angel.

I would’ve loved playing with him on his guitar and enjoyed discovering his records for he makes sure you don’t miss hearing them.

I would’ve told him off, too, alongside with you,
When he picks up the wrong “hand” towel again.

I would’ve loved joining you in your karaoke weekends
And danced to Taylor Swift’s “22″
While I make up my own words to the song,

But I just remembered I am now been Heaven-sent.

So, Ma, don’t be sad
Don’t be blue.
Just remember that every time a lightning bolt is seen,
They’re not meant to give you a fright,
But merely to let you
Know that I thought of you, too.

Love lots and wip kisses,
Your unborn “perfect” baby

Picture Source

Two Hearts?

Because our clocks have turned back, let’s go back in time to when I was in third year college student in poetry class. Finals. Had about a week to prepare for an oral recitation. Choose a poem from the book of poems we’ve been studying and recite in front of class. That was 10percent of our grade. Easy enough. So I left it to the last minute. It was a lazy weekend and all we did was watch movies in LDs (laser discs). Leafing through the book while watching, I couldn’t find anything interesting enough til I came upon this one. Imagine this:

I was 18. Just thinking and talking about boys, boys, boys. Crushes. Loads of them. That’s all I can afford, anyway. Inspired enough by one of them in my class whose name I can’t recall anymore, I thought I’d have to make my performance well. Make him want me.

Because we’ve been watching all English movies that weekend, I decided to do my poem with an English accent. Dressed in my favourite shirt, red plaid one, and stuck my nose and put my air on (just like how they do it in the movies). My name was called. Palms sweaty. Tummy in revolution. Felt like I needed to do numbers one and two. Stood in front looking at my classmate’s forehead as to pretend I was making eye contact (a tip I got from a magazine), I started.

My classmates were laughing and I was doing terrible. I stopped. I was all serious and breathy for I was in the middle of my performance. This is my grade, after all.

When I finished, everybody stood up and were clapping and shouting. Looked at my professor whose face had turned bright red and was fanning himself. He said, “I didn’t know you could do that. You’ve set the room on fire.” The greatest compliment I have ever received.

After class, a group of students ambushed me when I got out of the ladies’ room. They wanted me to say the last two lines again and again. So I did. They swooned and sighed. Then they asked me to be part of the Harlequin Theatre group to which I was very much flattered but had to decline. I’m gonna die of a heart attack if I kept doing that. It was just a one-time thing.

So, here is the poem that had set the room on fire. Get your breathy voice on:

How strongly does my passion flow,
Divided equally ’twixt two?
Damon had ne’er subdued my heart,
Had not Alexis took his part;
Nor could Alexis powerful prove,
Without my Damon’s aid, to gain my love.

When my Alexis present is,
Then I for Damon sigh and mourn;
But when Alexis I do miss,
Damon gains nothing but my scorn.
But if it chance they both are by,
For both alike I languish, sigh, and die.

Cure then, thou mighty wingèd god,
This restless fever in my blood;
One golden-pointed dart take back:
But which, O Cupid, wilt thou take?
If Damon’s, all my hopes are crost;
Or that of my Alexis, I am lost.

***Don’t remember the poem’s title. All I know is it’s from Aphra Behn, who IS English after all.

After my crush did his, my fascination quickly dissipated. He wasn’t perfect. His first line was, “I heard a buzz fly..”



Spices of Life

After being in the clouds for a couple of days, life has its way of bringing me back to reality. I am late again today.


According to the radio, freeway lanes were closed overnight and they were just getting traffic going because of a big accident. But two more happened. One at 395 and another down at 138 @ 76 petrol station. While I was driving crawling along, a car had stalled in the second lane. So everyone had been going around her.
Then on the opposite side of the freeway, it was a case of not giving way. Neither car would let either merge. So one sideswept the other. Then the other gets out of the car and starts banging on the other car’s hood. It was messy. Just go on with your days, please.

After Cleghorn, it was OK. But I’ve resigned to missing my train long gone by now. What’s the point of zooming when train had been missed?

Did you ever believe that when you are happy too much, you will cry too much later on too? Growing up, I believed in that. Thinking about it, that’s not living life. It’s inevitable. No matter how much laughing (out loud) I do, I will cry too. It’s just the way of life, isn’t it?

Another belief (in Filipino culture or at least in our family) is when a crow makes too much noise and always their beaks pointing at where you are, a bad omen is coming. Someone will die. It could be yourself or someone close to you. Or someone you know. Oh dear. It could be anybody!

Kidding aside, that’s what happened to my sister. (No, she did not die. Knock on wood.) A big crow just landed in front of their office door and started making its noise. She immediately thought of me. Since that night I got off Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station, finding my tire flat, my sister has not let me off the hook on getting my tires changed. That was in May. We’re in November now. Still haven’t done it. I always thought that I’ll just inflate it every time it gets down. That was my remedy for it.

She probably got tired of reminding me. So yesterday morning, at my workplace, she showed up demanding for my keys. She was going to change my tires.

Later in the day on the train going home, I called her. Or did she call me? I don’t recall. Anyways, she told me that I forgot to tell her where I parked. Oh bum! Good thing, more or less, she remembered I park in the same place every time. I found her waiting for me at the station. All four tires have been changed and aligned. She even did some dusting inside. Wow. Though it takes her almost the whole day, cleaning cars have always been her thing. What’s stressful for me must be therapeutic for her. Funny how two people raised in the same family could be so different.

Because she didn’t want to get paid for the tires, I offered to buy her dinner instead. She agreed. We went to Seafood City, a Filipino supermarket and one-stop shop nearby. It houses a Grill City and Jollibee (a Filipino McDonald’s), both fast food diners. We drove in separate cars. When we got there, I got my bag and I forgot my wallet! This always happens! I forget to put my wallet back in my bag from the diaper bag when we go out during the weekend.

Sheepishly, I told her I forgot my wallet. She’d have to buy us dinner! Lol
That’s why I don’t keep my train ticket in my wallet any more. I keep forgetting! I’ve just been lucky every time, the sheriffs trust this face.

So we had dinner. Talked about family stuff. It was short and sweet. That’s enough for me. Thanks, Ate!