New Freeway Traffic Configuration!

Good ‘Monday’ morning!

Traffic was flowing easy – until you get to the Cajon Pass Summit. 


Got time. I’ll still make my train. 


There was a sign just after the 138 (scales). 

Missed what it said. 

Big trucks blocking it while a car was right up my behind. 

My answer came when I saw the overhead highway signage for 215 and 15. 

New traffic configuration!!!

What there used to have a truck bypass – no longer there. 

Now, trucks are all over the lanes. 

Can’t really see what’s up ahead. 🙈

I’m in the wrong lane! But I kept thinking that I still have somewhere I can change lanes. 

Totally missed it!

I watched anxiously as the cars continued on to the I-15 where I should be. 

I calmed myself down. 

I’d exit at Devore, I decided. 

And I did. 

Too many distractions. A lot of cars parked on the side (probably from the construction workers) and signs around. 

I kept seeing signs for 215 (No, I don’t wanna go there). 

Victorville signs. No, not there, either. 

Glen Helen Parkway. 

I think I know that. 

Followed it. 

Went up a bridge. Then continued on to the road where all those cars you see when there’s a concert. 

Whew! Got back on I-15South. 

It’s already 7:21am. Got eight minutes before my train leaves. I’m no longer going to make it, I thought. (Scheduled departure is 7:29am). 

Just have to change lanes earlier for a wall separates the I-215 and I-15 split now. 

Tomorrow’s another day. 

*Sitting in the car – just realized I’m wearing bright blue shirt underneath this sheer black top on!**

Oh well! 

Like I said, tomorrow’s another day!

Fresh Morning

This tiny flower my child picked while walking along at the shopping center.

Fresh as the morning dew,
As I come out of the bathroom,
And into greeting the day.

Avoid rolling down the windows,
To keep fresh air in
And the smog out.


Have to sit away from everyone, I decided.
Shoot, have to put petrol in the car, I remembered.
Later, I thought.
A petrol handle’s one of the dirtiest things, next to a shopping cart,
that you will ever touch
, I recall my butler saying.

Isn’t that clicking sound, while someone’s texting on the phone, annoying to hear?
Why won’t they turn that off?
Question is,
Do they even know how?

Finally I can close my eyes.
Avoid all acquaintances and pleasantries.
Now is not my day,
I just want to sit and watch from a mile away.

Beware of the heavily-perfumed people.
Somewhere, they mask something.
An armpit they neglect to scrub,
Or a bad breath with no time to brush,
But definitely got time to put on make up.


Hope not any of them sit next to me,
Which could send me to a wheezing spree.

Hope to just enjoy the view…
Too late!
A friend comes over,
Who happen to know the lady sitting across me.

She introduces her and the lady smiles and reaches her hand out.

Should I take it?

I recall,

It’s the same hand, she used
Without a tissue, she sneezed on many times.

Willing Myself To Wake Up

Woke up this morning wondering where I am. Am I in my past self, present or future? 

Have you ever woken up wondering that too?

It took me a minute to re-orient myself on exactly where I am, who I am and exactly what day it is. 

Realizing that it is a Monday, it took me another five minutes to get myself out of bed. 

My driving is sluggish this morning. So I kept to the side. 

I knew exactly how the sun felt this morning. 

Snuggling in the soft cloud covers, hiding, and in somewhat in between consciousness, taking a peek out every now and then… 

What a relief that I leave the rest of my driving to Metrolink. 

The Pain In Your Neck

It could be your boss.


It could be that neighbor who’s moving out. Waiting for you to leave so she could sneak her trash into your bin. Yeah, she totally is a pain.

Or that lady or man in the train who won’t stop yapping – out loud. To themselves.

Wow, I never thought I’ve got candidates.

I’m sure we all are familiar with this scenario.



Have you ever thought that it could be your phone or tablet that’s causing you pain? (No, I’m sure it’s my boss)

With ‘smart’ devices and apps abound, who would ever thought that it could lead to this?


A condition called TEXT NECK. (Scientific name: Vertebrae slumpa hurtilitus)

“Text neck,” the posture formed by leaning over a cellphone while reading and texting, is a big problem, according to the author of a newly published study in the National Library of Medicine.

A tech-induced ailment.

Notice your posture while texting, playing on your tablets, heck, even while blogging. Hunched over the device. Head down.

Yeah, that’s typical me.

I admit my cellphone usage has increased since converting to a smartphone device. (Maybe not such a smart move, after all.)

Before, I just use my cellphone to call and text. Listen to the radio. Take pictures. I couldn’t let go of my Sony Ericsson.

Now (switched to iPhone), I use it for almost everything. I not only use it to call and text and take pictures, I also use it to read, blog, watch Netflix, surf the internet, listen to music and the radio… endless!

It’s becoming very common.

According to WebMD, “When your spine is in neutral position, the head weighs about 10-12 pounds, At 15 degrees [forward], the neck sees 27 pounds. At 45 degrees, it sees 49 pounds, and at 60 degrees, it’s 60 pounds.”

Slumped for a long time limiting oxygen flow. 

Hmmm… Maybe this is where I get my headaches from.

Then there’s the staring contest at the phone. Ayayay!

So, what can I do?

I guess, look up.

Look around.

Straighten my body.

Stretch. Deep breathing.


Do this every twenty minutes or so. (If I can tear myself away from the screen)

What about my fingers? 

They’re kinda sore from holding this iPhone for a while…..

Let’s have ice cream! It’s too hot! Maybe it’ll cure my headaches ;-)

Happy Friday! 


On the way to work to the train station this morning, there was something going on along the Cajon Pass. 

A car was burnt? PT Cruiser? I’m not entirely sure because I was focused more on my driving. 

About four more cars stopped on the shoulder and people huddling around… 

Could they have stopped and called in the burnt car or were they involved in some kind? I don’t know. 

Could the rushing ambulance on Bear Valley Rd. be the one that responded?

Other than that, all was clear. 

Speaking of clear, last Friday last week, it was not traffic at all. None, whatsoever. 

Hope my party socks stay on tonight!

Daylight Saving Trauma

Last week with light beginning to shine in the bedroom, I no longer had to fumble in the dark. 

But this morning, when the clocks sprung forward  yesterday, all was again dark and cold. Felt like turning back and go to bed instead. 

Oh, what is the point of this Daylight Savings Time when I here am, waiting, at the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station waiting, and no train in sight?

I could’ve slept longer! I could’ve watched last night longer! 

Don’t you just hate that feeling that you’d just been robbed – of an hour? 

Who’s supposed to save all these, anyways? When more is exerted changing clocks, pushing buttons, and dragging yourself out of bed!

Friday Funnies

Because it is Friday, traffic will be crazy  tonight (Has there ever been a Friday night when it’s not?). 

Given that, today we will do ‘Friday Funnies’! 

Round up your wit and creativity (and patience!) and take a jab at this freeway sign. 

Does this mean, ‘Pressures’ up along I-15? All lanes, mind you!

While you ponder on that sign, I leave you with this. 

Put your party socks on and drop by this strip!

The jolt will surely revive you!

‘Spill’ It Out – And So It Did

Did you get home safely last night? 

I did! 

But not ’til after being subjected to an almost two and a half hours of traffic!

It must be an omen, yesterday morning, that I had. 

On my way to Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station, in front of me was a white pick-up truck with the words, SPILL, written at the back of the truck.

I thought, How odd for someone to have that on their vehicle. 

Little did I know that ‘something’ awaits me that evening. 

I couldn’t shake the feeling.. so before getting off the train last night, I checked the CHP incident log.

A Hazmat spill caused the I-15North to close ALL lanes. And a Sigalert had been issued. 

That happened in the morning.

I thought that by evening, I would have a breezy drive. 


It was a mess. Traffic was STILL horrible. 

Everywhere I look was bumper to bumper. 

Though no one was hurt in the incident, but I bet my hubby was. 

Cos by the time I got home, hungry and tired,

I was ‘Grumpy Bear’.

What are you lookin’ at?


Remembering Leonard Nimoy Amidst Weekend Chores

In between cooking bittermelon and porkchops, catching glimpses in my feed,
Twitter, Facebook, and even the VV Daily Press,
Oh look at the laundry needing a press,
Also with the trash overflowing,
‘Oh I sure can feel the stress!’

Did I just step on a pebble on the carpet?
Blimey, it just reminded me,
I still have yet to hoover
Before the weekend is over!

Last Friday I was sad for I heard a legend had passed on, and
THAT got my attention.

Leonard Nimoy, who’d been known to say “Live Long and Prosper”
While flashing that iconic hand gesture.
Such a loss we felt in this household
Especially my Trekkie follower slash butler.

No longer would he see the ‘original’ Spock’s stoical expression and
His unmatched, superb pun delivery,
But mainly because “Earth would not be the same” as revealed by hubby,
Equally felt by our fellow North American neighbors, the Canadians, who thought that this would drive
A lifelong tradition be continued to “Spock” their fives.

We all knew him as Spock who was a Vulcan and never had a girlfriend,
Til the ‘newest’ generation of Star Trek decided
It was time to have someone hold his hand,
Do you think her character addition was an uptrend?

What’s his name? Sylar?
Who was, for me, a scary psycho in the TV show, “Heroes”
He is the new Spock who continues on to give the character justice,
With his wit and logic, always right on target and who’d never miss.

Because of this, we longed to watch Star Trek again.
Although we reckon, hundreds of episodes is a bit much,
For this mother who does not have much time
For watching and relaxing, let alone to munch!

After much contemplation, we really miss William Bell,
(Who’s as mysterious as he’s elusive,
could it be because his earnings a bit over the top?)
Along with posits of Walter Bishop,
Deciphered only by his son, Peter,
Who wouldn’t be beat in a game of poker.

Who could argue with Olivia Dunham when she gets in the Tank,
Devoid of sensory overload, just like when I get in the bath,
That would save me from having a heart attack!

Moments of silent bliss is fleeting,
When the kids decide mommy’s missing!
Jump in the bath that is starting to lose its sizzle,
Which after a while, water is thrown all around, is it starting to drizzle?

Billy Joel’s playing on the background, who else would you expect?
While Kwazii and Captain Barnacles of “The Octonauts” explore the sea bottom,
Mommy gets kicked out and decides it is time to make dinner.

After all that is done and everyone cleaned up,
Husband and wife goes to bed all fed up.
Cannot wait for the kids to be asleep, perhaps serve them a shot of ‘sleep-full’ syringe?
So Daddy and Mommy can watch (again) in peace their fav’rite show,