Oblivious User: Cellphone Is Your Gravestone

You looked up only to check if the light was man.
Started crossing the street while pressing keys, looking down on your phone,
probably playing hangman.
Had forgotten to walk,
and frozen in your steps like a clone.

What is it that has to be done right away?
Something that cannot wait,
Til this man stops walking?
Something so urgent that’s gotta be within this 30 second window?

Hate to break your reverie, lady,
You gotta move! Everybody’s honking at you — stressed.

In Lieu of Feeling Blue

For days you feel like a balloon about to pop,
Or a volcano about to erupt,
Feel you’re on the edge & about to lose your blob?

  Feeling overloaded?

  Or life in knots and no direction?

Feel like things are getting pushed down your gob?
And in need of some ‘picking up’
Do some karate chop!

Smashing things, even science says,
Can lift spirits up.

The cry for a friend is abrupt,
Look and listen.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Look around you. A lot more are in direr circumstances.
Listen to what yourself is telling you.
Do something positive in lieu of feeling blue.

So many other colors to explore.
Red, orange, yellow,

Still feeling hollow?

Look closely, sometimes what makes one mellow fellow equals two Laffy Taffys in yellow. 

Green, Blue and Violet,

Break out that cassette,
And feel some moooves coming?
Bring out the guitar and I’ll do the singing er, humming!

You may not find the coveted pot of gold
At the end of the rainbow,
But looking at one (I mean the rainbow),
Doesn’t it leave you feeling great and not so low?

Give a random hug or smile,
(Ok, a smile – I don’t think I can just hug anybody either)
Whatever it is to make you loads better,
Do it. Seek it.

For this, too, shall pass.
As so everyone says
Tis true and no matter how juvenile it sounds,
I want someone, too, to hold my hand and pass on the laughing gas.

Pixilated Reality

There was once a couple so sweet
Ants milled ’round them everytime they’re together.
Living next to the railway,
Thought there’s nothing both of them couldn’t weather.

Then one day they had an argument.
Both of them fuming – now on the brink.
One threw a tin of SPAM onto the other,
Missed! Instead hit a passing Metrolink.

*A smashed window greeted the passengers Thursday morning as we boarded the train. Here the seats been taped off*

Summer Longing

What to wear and cook even how to pack many things in a small bag,
Ev’ry news feed is all about getting away in the summer.
Too bad, can’t go on a holiday yet,
Oh what a bummer!

Twitter an’ Instagram full of photos
Beach, dogs and international food.
Sunsets, surfs and sunrises
Facebook, Reddit
Summer’s theme in their grotto.

How I long to be away and be worry-free,
Be unstuck from this cycle,
Far from this reality that aweighs
Vrroom! vrroom! For Pete’s sake now, Gabriel,
Come take me away on your motorcycle!


A Child’s Commute To School

A long time ago at a ripe age between eight and nine,
I take the bus to school,
Not the big, yellow one, mind you
But the public transportation bus that my mom thinks should be fine.

We’ve just moved to a new house
In the middle of a school year we did.
So taking the bus was my only option.
Only this time, I had to do it alone armed with a quid.

My mom would just tell me where to go,
Sit me next to the driver and would advise him of where I get off.
One time the bus got into an accident,
Squished the driver been.
Left crying I was,
No idea where to go,
Kindest conductor showed me
To another driver to continue my journey after the falloff.

*This post was based on true account of my sister’s commute to school.

Mountain Giant’s Got A Vice

Watching these creatures in their miniature motors seem a favorite pasttime.

Busily building, noisily patching things up with their so-called ‘Road Zipper’.

Looking down, sensing their frustration as a big line forming,

Hearing peepers

While I happily puff out smoke.

*Picture taken last Monday night stuck on traffic, combined with tales heard while growing up in the Philippines.*

Glimpse on Philippine Commuters

No, I am not in the Philippines. 

Though the Philippines is no stranger to me. 

Because it’s summertime soon here and I have just been thinking and comparing of how ‘fortunate’ I am for my commute – in America. 

Especially the people I come across.  I could say I’m pretty much tolerant of the people around me now.

When I was in high school and some time in college, before I can drive, I had to commute. 

And I’d like to share with you an article that pretty much sums up what it was like to commute in the Philippines. 

Not to mention the heat, the crowded LRTs (light rail transit), and running to get to a jeepney and inhaling hard, squeezing the air out of your lungs when crossing the street for fear of getting ‘sandwiched’ between two jeepneys. Oh yes, those were the days!

Here is the article. Click here

I have been numbers 3, 7, 13 and (ouch!) 14!!!

I am thankful too that at least here in America, we have air conditioning. 


Photo-Me: Flashback Friday



Seeing these bright spotlights
Under the bridge,
Suddenly reminded me of my mother country, the Philippines.  

That’s what they’re called.
That’s what I remember.

One by one.
Two by two.
These popular sizes usually bought
Purposes solely utilitarian – most of the time.

For school IDs, office IDs & passports,
Side profile with side plaits
Perfect for the college freshman so,
Get ready for your headshot coz this ain’t got Photoshop.

No smiling.
No hats.
Collared shirts worn preferred,
Never mind underneath is all shorts.

Sometime between lunch and siesta,
Walk across the street,
To where one Photo Me location
Right underneath the overpass train,

Where me and my friends used to go
Have our pictures taken.
Squeezed all six behind this curtain.
Too bad I don’t have any to show.
They’re probably in a chest hidden somewhere awaiting to be awakened, I’m certain.