Talk of the Town


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It was a drag and a blessing

Because of the truck’s blocking

Freeway lanes last Monday

It was at home I finally stayed – to my boss’s dismay. 

Tuesday morning came and all ready

Only to be greeted by conductor’s announcement

We’d be going until Monctlair only was his plea. 

Shock and wonder why from going to work was I prevented?

Determined yet helpless

Called my husband and told him of my stress

“Don’t worry”, he reassured me no less

“I’ll rescue you, my damsel in distress!”

*Everyone’s talking in the train of how long they got stuck and how they got to work — eventually.

Windy Parking Lot at the Top of the Mountain



Wind wind fly me away

 Away from this traffic jam
I’ve been stuck in since morning today

Been in here for more than two and a half hours 



 Didn’t even manage to get to the Summit

I don’t know why it took long for me

To wait and sit

Just here staring – waiting for my patience to plummet. 
Now, it is time to — scram!

Than fret, sweat and get upset

Otherwise I’ll be here til the sun sets!

The Swoop



Staring blankly ahead with both hands on wheel

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ playing,

Thought I heard John Mayer’s guitar in the song’s beginning?

Wait; did this truck just got in my lane and did a steal?

Right side full, left side too fast

Ahead I wanted to fly past

Difficult for my ‘debutante’ car to do a swish

So I guess I wait for the right moment and decide not to go noirish

Then, truck in front of me just changed lanes and went back to its rightful place.

Hoping to go from zero to sixty,
Nah, the black Beemer who’s got its eyes fixed on the space,

Swooped in

Much to my chagrin 

Can’t do any tantrum throwing especially I missed today’s tiffin 

So therein, all I could do is shake my noggin.

*Something I’ve written sometime  in March last year and completely forgotten in my draft folder.*

Sidetracked!: Letters You Can Only Utter When You Got Kids


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Be careful with what you say. Kids are such copycats. -Me

Yes, we all know that. 

So, what do you say after this? 
Let me guess the letters…

You ordered a package and it arrived on time – looking like this:


Content was in fine condition, surprisingly. 

Driving along happily then this thing parked in front of your car – and no one would give way when you try to change lanes. 

Being stuck in this traffic jam of a lifetime:



One fine car


It’s ok, you can say the letters here. It’s safe. 


Now, I’m sure this is a very fine school. But I had to look twice and see if I am reading it right. 

When my son was three, I started to teach him how to write his name. Here’s what he came up with:


Think the Chinese blood in me is flowing strong in him.

Practicing his calligraphy, perhaps?

What about my hubby? 

Sure, he’s got some Chinese blood in him too!

After a few weeks apart one time – in between our move to another state, this is his welcome home:

Doesn’t it bear resemblance to this character sky?

 Except for that bit down there?

🎧  Now I know my ABCs, let’s all stop this profanity …  🎧 

Mixed Signals


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Scene One

Along the freeway, a car’s got its right turn signal on – 
Then turns left. 

Scene Two

“Hello there!” He says while looking straight at me. I know him?
I ask myself quietly. Maybe he was introduced by someone I know sometime ago? 

“Come and sit here.” He smiles while picking his things up from the seat next to his. 

Slowly moving,


I thought of the people I talk to in the train..

Suddenly bursting from behind me – a guy (clearly was pleased to see him) and immediately sat next to him. 

Scene Three

Along the Los Angeles Union Station corridor:

A few feet from the platform entrance 7B, a crowd has gathered ’round the Customer Agent of Metrolink. 

Red letters flashing on the signage, “All San Bernardino trains delayed up to 60 minutes because of signal issues.”

Lady agent shouts, “The next San Bernardino train will be in 10 minutes.”

Turns out, she mean train is on platform 10B. 

Last Scene

A child barely five years old, sees a pal who lives on the same street as hers, looking out, her chin resting on the ornate balusters of the school’s corridor, she smacks her bottom. 

Pal turned. 

Not her pal after all. 

Sig Alert on Oak Hill


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 Just when I was feeling upbeat today because it’s finally Friday…

Then this.


For a while, I was among the giants of the road. 
We were not moving at all. 

It’s been almost an hour after I’ve left the house and I haven’t even gotten to the Summit. And it’s only about 15 miles?
It was foggy, I could tell. But it couldn’t be that bad foggy that we were at a standstill?
Then this. 

Ah, an accident… 

Checked the CHP traffic website when I got to the train station. 

Multiple vehicles were involved and at least one semi truck.  


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