The Great Divide


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Protected by a wall of mist holding oh so steadily

Ran my fingers through it as if strumming a guitar

Chancing a peek into the other side

Feeling only a music as it chimes a tune

Tapping my foot, steadying my gaze

As I twirled and twirled and twirled into the great divide.

*Inspired by the foggy, low visibility conditions this morning*


Grrrrrrreen Earth Day (Supposedly) Free Train, Rail, and Bus Rides


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By beginning of this month of April I was short. Did not have enough money to buy the monthly pass for the train, so I have been buying the 7-day pass for $56 every Monday.

Today is Monday and I did not buy the ticket. Train rides at the Metrolink are free!

So I only have to get the Tap card for the subway (rail) part of my journey when I get to Los Angeles Union Station. It’s $1.75 each way so that’s $3.50 forth and back.

I have a Tap card already purchased from probably ten years ago. (Yes, apparently they do expire). I may have to purchase a new one which would cost me an additional $2.

That’s $5.50 total.

When I got to LA, I approached the Metro counter Customer Service.

True enough, my Tap card is expired. I asked if there was any balance on it. He said he cannot tell when it’s expired. (So, I wonder who can?)

Nevertheless, I continued to ask him if I need a new one. He answers yes. A $2 fee will apply.

I also asked when this new card expires. He says it expires in ten years.

I started to wonder if it will be another ten years before I use this card again.

Moving that thought aside, I also told him I will be needing two trips for today only.

He said that will be $3.50 plus $2 for the card will be $5.50. I gave him $6.00.

He proceeded to give me the new card and my change and my receipt.

I tapped my card and went my way.

When I got to the office, my co-worker and I spoke about today’s free train ride. She mentioned that Metro offers free rides too.


I just paid $5.50 for the new Tap card!!!!

I even went to the Metro counter to make sure I don’t miss anything and get it correctly.

But he did not even mention of a free rides today when I mentioned I am purchasing for today only. I should have mentioned it again and should have even asked if rides were free today.


Maybe I should have called their Customer Service number beforehand to ask or even “hear” an ad of a free ride while on hold.

Oh well!

I know it’s only $5.50 a small amount.

BUT I went out of my way to purchase this card and even mentioned to the guy on the counter that I am purchasing trips for today.

Another grrrrrrr! when I keep thinking about it.

On the way home, did not even bother to take my Tap card out. Just went through the turnstiles pretending not to care.

But inside, I am feeling stupid and pissed off at the same time.


So, please go and get out there. Take the bus, take the subway and take the Metrolink train for me!!!!

Wrong Way Driver


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Wrong way driver,

Where are you going?

A lot of people ask.

Why are you going that way?

That is not the correct way, do you not know?


Signs, you cannot read?

Or you just don’t care nor even care to heed?

Horns honking lights flashing,

Teeth gritting fingers pointing.

Wrong way driver,

What have you caused?

Havoc and accidents happened,

When that line was crossed!

But that is okay, sometimes.

This is how we learn when, out from that fork in the road, we choose a tyne.

Real life doesn’t come with signs and directions.

Nor with horns blaring and flashing lights

Warning us not to venture there and cross the line.

No left turn.

No right turn.

No u turn.

No raises for concern.

It is a confusion!

Who could you blame?

Life, especially at a junction, has no manuals, no instructions.

Only reasoning and deduction,

Which is why we have dysfunctions and obstructions which lead to discussions,

Constructions can lead to tests.

And lead with the best (if not right) foot forward.

Guesses are a margin of error that we must weather.

So, let us do our best and be thankful we are dressed and blessed!!!

Picture from here.