Sidetracked!: Uber Eats $10 Off


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One day you find yourself wondering what to eat
For lunch or dinner or even brunch,
Here’s a coupon code from UberEats
Good for $10 off your first order (or munch!)


Code: eats-maiw110ue


Samples of what they offer:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.35.54 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.36.18 AM


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.36.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.00 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.38.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.15 AM


Click here for more information on UberEats.



Start spreading the news!

Sidetracked!: Skyscraper LA


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Whip up a meal for two

Or better yet leave it to the pros

Party cooking for a hundred and fifty-two

Everything’ll be up there where you’ll need an aircrew.

Bridal shoots’ll be a hoot

Best be ready with a parachute

For this glass deck’s sure got the view

When you and your beau say your I dos.

With tickets starting from nineteen bucks,

Holy moley guaranteed awestruck!

Imagine the stars and the wind gusting

Ooh lala abs exposed when shirt untucks

So come on down (or up)

To downtown LA’s newest tourist attraction

Mind your necks looking up

A thousand feet up the ground where mobs and snobs will hookup.



*Just talking about it at work and imagining things.. Skyspace opening near my place of work – courtesy of my friend, Elaine, who first told me about it.*

Admit One



Admit one
Amongst all flaws
Admit one
Please, for heaven’s sake
Admit one.

Denying allegations
Running from the law
It’s not a crime you made
Admit one

Any one.

Saying yes won’t make you a bad man
But instead an honest one
That you realize you’re only human,
Admit one.

That to err is human
To forgive, divine.
It’s the getting up after the fall that matters
C’mon you can do it

Admit one.

*Inspired by my supposedly jury duty day today. But turns out, I didn’t have to go. 

I An epO


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Driverless car technology
Google, Uber, Lyft
Even trucks, no drivers no biggie
In front of lawmakers as they lobby.

Who to give the finger?
Who to curse at, yell at
Blame at for ruining your day?
Let these thoughts linger.

Tires blown
Car on fire
Highway pit stops empty
Leapfrogging away and gone.

Who could help when in the middle of nowhere?

Trucks passing 24/7
Scary thoughts run through
As our reality will change
When all these things leaven. 

Why discourage text and drive
When every resource gunning driverless?

I don’t understand.




This post inspired by the news I have read today, fueled even more with the other day’s headline.

Oh and the title inspired by the OpenAI (spelled backwards — Siri cannot spell correctly yet). 

It’s My Birthday and I Can’t Let Go


We held and hugged the last time.

I could hear the train coming.

I knew she had to go.

Not ready to let go yet.

Just one more minute.

One last time to breathe in her scent.

Had to let Mommy go to work.

You see, I just turned four years old today.

*Found this piece that I wrote six years ago on my son’s birthday, as I found myself  ‘accidentally’ doing spring cleaning just this past weekend. Darn shelf. 

I took this picture of my hubby and son (then as a four year old) as the train was leaving.

Sidetracked!: A Chance To Be A Spy


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This July in Los Angeles, be prepared to rock your world (if not your knees)!

And have a chance to be a spy. 

At least, pretend to be one. 

Remember Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible IV?

Now, you can be like him, too!

Well, what would you do if he appeared at your window? 

I read this the other day and thought I’d share this….

Attention DTLA thrillseekers!

 Want to rappel 25 stories down the side of building in Downtown Los Angeles?  Here’s you chance.  The charity Shatterproof is once again hosting the Shatterproof Challenge in DTLA.  

Click here to read the full article and find out the details how to join.

Can’t make it to Los Angeles?

Check out Shatterproof’s site for more chances of adventure near you.

Ok, I guess you can sing the Mission Impossible tune now…

Happy Friday!

Minding The Gap



His words keep repeating in her head,”Now, your teeth are white.” says the dentist.

Weren’t they already? She wondered.

All her life she thought her teeth were picture perfect.

Suddenly feeling uneasy about the conversation going on in her head,

She looked at all of the people staring back at her while standing in a crowded subway.

Who knew that not seeing a dentist for almost twenty years would leave her feeling these?

Who knew that after a “deep cleaning” would make her feel squeaky, “unusually” clean?

Can they see the gap now?

Yes, the gap between her teeth?

A gap, where it had been filled with things only the dentist should know and wanted to get rid of.

The gap that now allow her to feel the water swishing in between, as well as the air passing between them as she breathes in before she speaks.

She could feel every leaf of her salad getting chewed all around and now, even chewing gum makes it feel weird.

She feels fake though not one tooth was extracted and replaced.

Every stain removed from her teeth washed away the memories of her hubby making her coffee and tea on those cold, difficult days.

Every hole that was patched up muffled the roaring laughter she had on that day eating rice with smashed up rocks playing “cooking at home” with another kid neighbor.

Fillings placed on molars concealed the tears gobbling up on those cakes and cupcakes when things have gone awry.

Subway stops and its doors open and she hopes no one she knows will smile at her today.

The Aftershock



Traffic flowing again

Could it be motorists are getting used to the new traffic pattern?

Or are kids on their spring break?

Whatever it is, I’m not complaining

Though hail could stop me on my tracks,

Or seeing snow again up on the mountains on my way down the Cajon Pass

On time my goal
Never mind the a-holes
Safely arrive
Eyes on the drive

Thank God, I’m still alive!

Why Driving Felt So Wrong This Morning



After a slight delay yesterday, today I decided to leave the house earlier.

Still dark and a bit windy.

Freeway wide open.

Until I hit the scales.

Very slow.

Could it be because it’s started to drizzle?


I-15 South

Maybe the fog?

I wonder…

It couldn’t have been an accident because we are still moving – at just a snail’s pace.

Better than not, I guess. 

Passing the Kenwood Exit sign, another sign says,

New Traffic Pattern

How new could it be? Is this sign even new?

I was in the rightmost lane and trucks were blocking my view.

As I drive out from the truck lane

So I came out of hiding and into the new view.

And this is what greeted me:

Switched lanes!

Well, thank God, I came out of my hiding!!!

I-15 South Los Angeles/ San Diego is on the left lanes.

I-215 South San Bernardino/Riverside on the right.

I could have ended up in Riverside!

Then I would have to get to the nearest exit to get back.

Like these guys heading to Glen Helen Parkway exit.

Glen Helen Parkway

Buut I didn’t.

Because I was paying attention (this time) and,

Because I trusted the guys who put these freeway signs up.

(Although for a second, I thought someone must be joking. – and it’s not April Fool’s yet – and IT IS NOT FUNNY!)

…And that would explain the long lines I saw on the opposite direction last night going home as I was going up the Summit…

Sidetracked!: Free $15



Getting off the train in Union Station and walking to the subway, where a big crowd has gathered, an announcement came on that the Red Line has completely shut down.

Upon hearing that, I immediately went back up and out to the bus depot where more people were waiting.

How am I going to work now?, I thought.

I don’t want to be late again especially with this crowd waiting for the same bus. By the time I get to be squeezed (and shoved) in one, it’ll be too late, I thought.

So, I decided to take Uber. A few people I know take Uber regularly and has no complaints, so far.

Opened my app and requested a pick-up. Driver’s name and picture shown and so was his car’s make and license plate number.

Because I’m a diva, I wanted to be the only passenger in the car. It’ll cost me $8.

Ok. A bit much but I’m pressed for time.

App says he’s eight minutes away.

So far, so good.

It’s my first time, you see.

Seems twenty minutes later, nothing.

Looking into the app, thinking maybe I have done something wrong, I decide to cancel the trip.

Notification says that if I cancel the trip and has been waiting for more than five minutes, I will be charged for the trip.

So I wait.

Another five, I press the cancel trip again. I’m reminded again of the charge.

Fine! I wait some more!

Messaged the driver telling him I’m in a green and white dress (maybe that’ll make him get here faster)

Nothing. App says he’s unavailable thru text.

Thank goodness for that. I was so dumb sending that text, anyway.

Called the driver. He didn’t pick up.

Moments later, got a notification that driver cancelled the trip.


Uber offered that I may take the “black car” if I’d want to be an uber diva – for the price of $40.

Uh, no, I’m not a diva, after all.

I decided to be uber-friendly and requested to uber-pool — for the price of $4.. I’ll be ubering with Maria, who, happens to be standing right next to me, as we both found out when our ride came.

For about 1.2 miles, fifteen minutes and four dollars later, I was in the office.


I may just do this again, next time I get stuck.  

This morning, I got an email from Uber congratulating me on my first Uber ride.

So now, I would like to invite you all to avail of this free $15 off your first ride on Uber.

And it’s on me!

Just use either codes: maiw110ue


Happy Ubering!

Uber has food delivery as well, if interested in becoming a driver, copy and paste this link on your browser:

No Go Light



For two days in a row
I’ve been late
Either one lane was closed because of an accident
Or because rain caused everyone to go slow.

Today I was determined to leave earlier
For three days in a row is a bit too much (don’t you think?)
But this girl just ran out of luck,
When the traffic light turning left just won’t get unstuck.

Years I know this light turns every two minutes to green,
But keeping every body here sitting for five sure is mean.
So I did the unthinkable and never before seen
I turned left when all was clear,
Followed by cars with a sure cheer to finally having to switch gear.

Tumbleweed Galore



I am a tumbleweed
Humble beginnings I have
Started out small
But now, look at me become bigger, especially when I roll.

Rely on Father Wind we all
Always there to catch us, too, when we fall
Been high and seen waving flags and old bones
Even crossed the highway with the rolling stones.

We are just a quiet bunch
Been called names
Thinking all was just a hunch
Some say best to avoid us,
For a limb we could maim. 

Known more to cause scrapes and pricks
Which I think what keep us stick
And so I don’t blame him when we’ve been found
Then get thrown out bin bound.


Tumbleweed found in our back garden

** Been so windy lately that tumbleweeds abound.

CB&W Photo Challenge: Pets


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Here was our pet, TenTen, a Husky, who had escaped and has never been found since. 

Happy to ride in the front

TenTen with my daughter. Being Silly Together. 


Her (not so) favorite part: getting a bath


Running at last!


Figured someone must’ve kept her and have not reported she was found.

And we miss her. 
*This post is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge



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