The Piano Player No More



Second day of August we first met
Eighteen years ago at a reunion,
Remember it was a Sunday?
I still remember that day like it was just yesterday.

Little did we know then that for many years we’ll celebrate birthdays together,
Christmases and Easters were never duller.
I was an idiot for letting you go
But I couldn’t help it you just had to go.

So today, Thursday of August,
As was our date night every month,
Let me bring flowers as I did for many years past.
For this will be the last time I celebrate our twelvemonth.

Photo from Google

*Inspired by this bloke who, I see getting off the train, has bouquet of flowers with him every Thursday. 

String Of Blinking Bally


After my ordeal yesterday
Police activity ongoing
Train service not flowing
Took bus to work that took forever
Leg ached that I
Thought walking was a never ever.

Longed for home all day
Bed and sleep called many times
Wanting to take me away.

Got home late
Brush fire on 138

And so my dear readers
I will be taking my time off (til the 15th) and make this life of mine a bit sweeter with my mate.

Confessions of a Monster Lover


I have never dared to venture outside.
I have never dared to go out alone and walk on my own.
I have never dared to wear short shorts.
Until…. there was Pokemon Go!

It may be hot, or even windy,
Bagon, Steelix, Gastly,
Oh and Mewtwo, Gible and Zapdos, Iuga, and a lot more I may not be able to pronounce,

Never mind all the obstacles,
Or that I miss my train or get a scrape here and there.
Or that time I climbed over a car to catch Pikachu.

As long as I get my ball of glee.

Do you think I’ll catch another when I need to pee?

**These are my typical conversations lately with people I meet. Although, I, myself don’t play it, I’m just amazed at how much this craze had become so popular**

I Left My Partner



We have been together for so long
Shared many hot journeys.
Storms we’ve weathered together
Travelling in tandem we always do.
And yet many times we’ve always said good night to you too.

We were meant to be tight,
Partners for life,
More often yin and yang
Offsetting each other’s tangs.

And today, I leave you with a heavy heart,
I am sorry, my dearest, I must go
Til death do us part was our motto.

Presure between us building as we are no longer carry the same weight.
Wonderful memories be with me as I depart
And now you must find another mate.

**Just witnessed a tire lose one of its tires that rolled onto the freeway today**

The Voice


, ,

Talks of crime
Pretend convo on phone
How creepy this guy behind sounds
Gives chills on my spine.

Star from Green Mile movie he sounded,
Yes that really big guy

(But I think he’s dead now)

Police had stepped inside the train
So he better watch out.

Making their rounds
Checking train tickets,
When it came to “him”
Thought I heard a frown.

Stammering, he couldn’t produce one.
So the police’d be back to write him a ticket,
While away, he spritzed himself with some cheap perfume behind the gun,
Probably to hide anything else that may give his extra-curricular activities away.

In The Beginning of Time


One day, mommy came to school
Took her time walking along the alley of shops
Seeing Faces of Gringotts and School of Clock.

She came ’round half past three,
But because it’s a Friday it was empty.

“Oh no, I missed him!” said Mommy.
And she knew exactly what to do.

Rushing back to the School of Clock and got one tiny clock in her hands,
“Just a quarter back,” she says to herself as she turns it with The Key, now getting heavier than ever, “should be enough to give Him time”

Mommy laughed. Thought that was funny.

He is in training after all.

Going back the same route, retracing her steps, suddenly a little resto appeared.

“Clever!” Mommy thought.

A hole in the wall.

And there he was inside, grinning,

Father Time in training.

*** This came to me this morning. I found three versions of my son in my dream. The present that I forgot, The past all happy, and The future – relieved.
And I was just glad I found them all.***

In This Heat



Little specks of ash (?) flying as the train zooms by,
Almost undetected ‘cept when sun hits it
Red rays above and hazy and cloudy
It’s not June gloom
’tis the forest trees burning.


Took this picture on Monday approximately 6:30pm aboard the Metrolink train. We were in Baldwin Park- Serra Vista according to my iPhone camera. 

Smoke seen from Serra Vista

Then got to the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station:

Hazy in the Metrolink station



, ,

Leave as the sun rises
Home long after the sun sets
That’s how my commute is
Take away time and life eats. 

Friday night it begins
Exhale as weekend roll in.
Time is not of the essenece
It is when down is my defense.

Still start the day early
Cook for my dearly three
Exercise then hoover up bits
Pretend therapy as worries from my mind I omit

Laundry, cleaning and folding next
Iron too, in between play
Squeeze in some movie time
As children take in some bed time.

Finish ’em all
Baby kegs and blanket and teas,
Cookies? Yes please!
Picnics in the park for you and me
Recharge during the weekend is my goal.

Sidetracked!: Uber Eats $10 Off


, ,

One day you find yourself wondering what to eat
For lunch or dinner or even brunch,
Here’s a coupon code from UberEats
Good for $10 off your first order (or munch!)


Code: eats-maiw110ue


Samples of what they offer:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.35.54 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.36.18 AM


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.36.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.00 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.38.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.39.15 AM


Click here for more information on UberEats.



Start spreading the news!

Sidetracked!: Skyscraper LA


, ,

Whip up a meal for two

Or better yet leave it to the pros

Party cooking for a hundred and fifty-two

Everything’ll be up there where you’ll need an aircrew.

Bridal shoots’ll be a hoot

Best be ready with a parachute

For this glass deck’s sure got the view

When you and your beau say your I dos.

With tickets starting from nineteen bucks,

Holy moley guaranteed awestruck!

Imagine the stars and the wind gusting

Ooh lala abs exposed when shirt untucks

So come on down (or up)

To downtown LA’s newest tourist attraction

Mind your necks looking up

A thousand feet up the ground where mobs and snobs will hookup.



*Just talking about it at work and imagining things.. Skyspace opening near my place of work – courtesy of my friend, Elaine, who first told me about it.*

Admit One



Admit one
Amongst all flaws
Admit one
Please, for heaven’s sake
Admit one.

Denying allegations
Running from the law
It’s not a crime you made
Admit one

Any one.

Saying yes won’t make you a bad man
But instead an honest one
That you realize you’re only human,
Admit one.

That to err is human
To forgive, divine.
It’s the getting up after the fall that matters
C’mon you can do it

Admit one.

*Inspired by my supposedly jury duty day today. But turns out, I didn’t have to go. 

I An epO


, ,

Driverless car technology
Google, Uber, Lyft
Even trucks, no drivers no biggie
In front of lawmakers as they lobby.

Who to give the finger?
Who to curse at, yell at
Blame at for ruining your day?
Let these thoughts linger.

Tires blown
Car on fire
Highway pit stops empty
Leapfrogging away and gone.

Who could help when in the middle of nowhere?

Trucks passing 24/7
Scary thoughts run through
As our reality will change
When all these things leaven. 

Why discourage text and drive
When every resource gunning driverless?

I don’t understand.




This post inspired by the news I have read today, fueled even more with the other day’s headline.

Oh and the title inspired by the OpenAI (spelled backwards — Siri cannot spell correctly yet). 

It’s My Birthday and I Can’t Let Go


We held and hugged the last time.

I could hear the train coming.

I knew she had to go.

Not ready to let go yet.

Just one more minute.

One last time to breathe in her scent.

Had to let Mommy go to work.

You see, I just turned four years old today.

*Found this piece that I wrote six years ago on my son’s birthday, as I found myself  ‘accidentally’ doing spring cleaning just this past weekend. Darn shelf. 

I took this picture of my hubby and son (then as a four year old) as the train was leaving.

Sidetracked!: A Chance To Be A Spy


, , , , ,

This July in Los Angeles, be prepared to rock your world (if not your knees)!

And have a chance to be a spy. 

At least, pretend to be one. 

Remember Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible IV?

Now, you can be like him, too!

Well, what would you do if he appeared at your window? 

I read this the other day and thought I’d share this….

Attention DTLA thrillseekers!

 Want to rappel 25 stories down the side of building in Downtown Los Angeles?  Here’s you chance.  The charity Shatterproof is once again hosting the Shatterproof Challenge in DTLA.  

Click here to read the full article and find out the details how to join.

Can’t make it to Los Angeles?

Check out Shatterproof’s site for more chances of adventure near you.

Ok, I guess you can sing the Mission Impossible tune now…

Happy Friday!


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