‘Spill’ It Out – And So It Did

Did you get home safely last night? 

I did! 

But not ’til after being subjected to an almost two and a half hours of traffic!

It must be an omen, yesterday morning, that I had. 

On my way to Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station, in front of me was a white pick-up truck with the words, SPILL, written at the back of the truck.

I thought, How odd for someone to have that on their vehicle. 

Little did I know that ‘something’ awaits me that evening. 

I couldn’t shake the feeling.. so before getting off the train last night, I checked the CHP incident log.

A Hazmat spill caused the I-15North to close ALL lanes. And a Sigalert had been issued. 

That happened in the morning.

I thought that by evening, I would have a breezy drive. 


It was a mess. Traffic was STILL horrible. 

Everywhere I look was bumper to bumper. 

Though no one was hurt in the incident, but I bet my hubby was. 

Cos by the time I got home, hungry and tired,

I was ‘Grumpy Bear’.

What are you lookin’ at?


Remembering Leonard Nimoy Amidst Weekend Chores

In between cooking bittermelon and porkchops, catching glimpses in my feed,
Twitter, Facebook, and even the VV Daily Press,
Oh look at the laundry needing a press,
Also with the trash overflowing,
‘Oh I sure can feel the stress!’

Did I just step on a pebble on the carpet?
Blimey, it just reminded me,
I still have yet to hoover
Before the weekend is over!

Last Friday I was sad for I heard a legend had passed on, and
THAT got my attention.

Leonard Nimoy, who’d been known to say “Live Long and Prosper”
While flashing that iconic hand gesture.
Such a loss we felt in this household
Especially my Trekkie follower slash butler.

No longer would he see the ‘original’ Spock’s stoical expression and
His unmatched, superb pun delivery,
But mainly because “Earth would not be the same” as revealed by hubby,
Equally felt by our fellow North American neighbors, the Canadians, who thought that this would drive
A lifelong tradition be continued to “Spock” their fives.

We all knew him as Spock who was a Vulcan and never had a girlfriend,
Til the ‘newest’ generation of Star Trek decided
It was time to have someone hold his hand,
Do you think her character addition was an uptrend?

What’s his name? Sylar?
Who was, for me, a scary psycho in the TV show, “Heroes”
He is the new Spock who continues on to give the character justice,
With his wit and logic, always right on target and who’d never miss.

Because of this, we longed to watch Star Trek again.
Although we reckon, hundreds of episodes is a bit much,
For this mother who does not have much time
For watching and relaxing, let alone to munch!

After much contemplation, we really miss William Bell,
(Who’s as mysterious as he’s elusive,
could it be because his earnings a bit over the top?)
Along with posits of Walter Bishop,
Deciphered only by his son, Peter,
Who wouldn’t be beat in a game of poker.

Who could argue with Olivia Dunham when she gets in the Tank,
Devoid of sensory overload, just like when I get in the bath,
That would save me from having a heart attack!

Moments of silent bliss is fleeting,
When the kids decide mommy’s missing!
Jump in the bath that is starting to lose its sizzle,
Which after a while, water is thrown all around, is it starting to drizzle?

Billy Joel’s playing on the background, who else would you expect?
While Kwazii and Captain Barnacles of “The Octonauts” explore the sea bottom,
Mommy gets kicked out and decides it is time to make dinner.

After all that is done and everyone cleaned up,
Husband and wife goes to bed all fed up.
Cannot wait for the kids to be asleep, perhaps serve them a shot of ‘sleep-full’ syringe?
So Daddy and Mommy can watch (again) in peace their fav’rite show,

Staying Positive Thursday

… For Friday’s ’round the corner, calling out my name…

 Never could tell what kind of day I’m going to have. 

I was feeling good this morning despite my throat hurting and a splitting headache. 

Got into I-15Southbound, a sign greeted me, 

“Accident S/O 395 at Mojave. Expect delays.”

Wonder what S/O means? Somewhere Over? Anyways, I won’t be going anywhere in 395, I thought to myself.

Nearing Oak Hill, uh-oh… It’s that S/O again!

 No escaping from it now. 



Hope everybody’s alright. It may be more serious than it looks like – got a helicopter on site:

Got to the Rancho Cucamonga station – seven minutes after the scheduled train departure.  

This is a time when I wish I could’ve left the house a WEE bit earlier.

Following A Police Car

Last night after shortly following this California Highway Patrol car with its red-and-blue top lights on, on the I-15 North freeway, I realized its lights can be very distracting and hypnotizing at the same time.


** Note to self: Stick to following it on social media.

Helicopter On The Freeway

Was not planning on a post today. I am just glad it is finally Friday!!!!

Taking it easy especially with my car’s ABS light on…

No, no!

Red taillights I see ahead.


To cross over or stay? Cross over or stay? Cross over or stay?????

My answer came to me the second I saw this:


An ambulance on the left shoulder lane rushing over. Accident probably just happened. Three police cars were already en route earlier.

After seeing this huge truck cross over, I don’t feel so bad about it anymore.


Continued driving but had my camera phone ready to snap.





Did I see that right????

Let’s back up a moment here.


A helicopter crashed into the freeway???!!!!

Or a truck was carrying it and then it slipped off???

Carpooling/Vanpooling: Why Not?

I had to think of ways to cut down on expenses, so I thought of joining a carpool from Victorville to the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga train station.

I said that at the beginning of Year 2014, I will partake in carpooling/vanpooling. Signed up and registered.

After a couple of months waiting, I got a message from a lady who works at the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. She’s perfect, I thought. I wrote down her number on a piece of paper. I lost that paper – a few months after that. I never called her back.

I chickened out. I suddenly got cold feet. (Too bad, I wish I got cold cash instead).

Year 2015.

Still no carpool.
No vanpool.

Well, have you watched ‘America’s Most Wanted’ or those killers-hidden-amongst-us shows? Their profiles may surprise you. Very nice neighbors, always jolly and bring you cheer. But beware, their eyes on their prey. Your children they stalk, go ahead please and move away.


What if my vanmates don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze?
What if their music preference is unbearable?
What if all they do is yap, yap, and yap?
And all I want to do is blog, snooze and contemplate on the deeper meaning of life?

Train Trip Tips For Your Information & Consideration


Feet off the seats would be appropriate.
Wouldn’t want to sit where
Somebody else’s feet had been,
Who knows where those shoes had been steppin’?

Eating in the Metrolink train is fine with me.
Even in the subway trains, though, prohibited,
I’ll leave you be.
Hunger need be satisfied.
Grumble of the tummy is
Something I don’t want or feel either.
As long as everything is thrown away,
Yes, that would be a breather.

Hog not all the electrical outlets.
Ok, I see you have all the gadgets.
New you got this last Christmas,
From iPhones to iPads, complete with the Apple watch and the Google glasses.
But leave one socket for me open,
I, too, have a phone to charge before my station stop passes.

So I see we have different taste in music.
I need not know your favorite thump hump,
Nor your rap-a-pump-pump.
Put your earphones on cos I’d really rather not hear it,
Especially when I see your saliva spittlin’.

I know the train can be a squeeze with
Three or four bags you bring.
Not to mention when your attention’s to textin’.
It would really help too if the aisles be kept clear,
A tip: Keep ‘em underneath and not on the seats,
I do not want to stumble on that lovely scarf of yours that’s made of cashmere.

Whether you like me or not,
It does not matter and don’t care, really.
It’s not my business but would really appreciate it that you keep your voice down,
Need not hear your angry banter
With your ex-wife who ran away with another.

What about in the parking lot?
I was right behind you at the stoplight.
Now you’ve allotted that space for me, supposedly yours, nearest the train,
From my car when I alight.
I appreciate the gesture, you’re an Angel,
You never know how much you filled my heart with delight.

SO it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow,
For the sake of this poem, let’s start today, go with the flow,
Here are two balloons that are red,
Hopeful that this ‘kindness’ poem be our daily bread.

(Wo)man Up Wednesday

It’s only been eight and a half hours since I came home last night. Now it’s back into the fray once more.

A ‘Trying Tuesday’, that’s what is was yesterday.

How do I even begin?

Tuesday started out quiet. Freeway was open. No accidents. Train was on time.

Then at work, it was busy. Boss was even grumpy with no ‘thank you’ to impart (the usual).

Managed to get to Union Station in time for my 5:45pm train. But wait, every platform entrance has Metrolink representatives in them with crowds gathered around. Uh-oh. This looks bad. But it looks like they’ve got it under control. Whew!

Got to my usual platform, 7B, only to be told the San Bernardino train is on 14B. That’s fine. I walked fast to 14B thinking I’ve only a few minutes to spare before its departure.

14B. Chaos. No train. Lots lots of people. Confused-looking people (me included).

Train was coming. When its doors opened, a rep shouted, “This is not going to San Bernardino! Go to 9B!”



Felt everyone moved and turned to the nearest exit. A small stampede was forming. Got pushed. Shoved. Stepped on. Again and again.

These people! Aargh!

Platform 9B.
Big crowd waiting. No train. No lights. We were in the dark. Literally and figuratively.

Everyone was looking around at everybody. As if searching for reassurance – and confirmation that we are indeed waiting at the CORRECT platform.

No rep was there. Probably afraid of getting punched at.

A train was coming. Just then security came walking and started saying something to another passenger but only managed to hear, ‘Orange County’ from him.

I asked loudly, “Where did you say this train is going to?” He mumbled. A guy in front of him said, “San Bernardino”.

Literally heard a sigh of relief from everybody.

I was talking to this man who, takes the Riverside Line but, is taking the San Bernardino because of a train derailment on the Ventura County Line. For some reason, they share a line. Don’t know for sure, too tired to look it up. Luckily, he’s got a son in Rancho Cucamonga who can give him a ride back to his car in Ontario (Riverside Line) where he parked it.

He said he got in his usual train at 4:55pm and were ready to leave. Just then the conductor announced that everybody had to get off the train. Train couldn’t pass through.

No bus bridges offered either. Pretty much like this:



Got to Rancho Cucamonga station – about 40minutes later than usual.

Then freeway I-15 South.


Naturally, I kept to the right.


Kenwood. Sign says, “2 RIGHT LANES CLOSED. MERGE LEFT. ”


Bit of relief from the crawling.

From the 138 scales to Summit was crazy slow. Once on the Summit, I was greeted by the sign, “2 LEFT LANES CLOSED. ”

Whoa! What is this?


Let’s see who can keep up with this game!!!

By the time I came home I was wiped out.


.. And I broke down..

It’s Wednesday and we’re just getting into the middle of the week.

So today, I pick up the pieces and start again.