Sidetracked!: Borderline Insanity

Once upon a time

There lived a little girl

In a land where the red sun rises  

With it comes the long, scaly, red, fiery creature with a long pout

Scorches the entire sky – everytime


That sends everyone fleeing

But this one little girl knew its secret: 

Come out drenched in water


And all will soon be alright…

*Inspired by yesterday’s local traffic that had this author looking up at the heavens looking for answers. 

*Photo of me soaked after getting caught in the torrential rain – forgetting my umbrella– after getting off the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station to my car last Monday. 

Nature knows no boundaries

An Earlier Start

Metrolink train schedule change starts today. 

To catch the train to work, I’d have to be at the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station at least seven minutes earlier than my usual time – to arrive five minutes earlier than usual scheduled time. 
I did make it!


A short — and full train. Oh dear. 

There were no printed schedules yet, so here’s a snapshot of it:


For complete list of schedule change, please click here. 
So, do you think Metrolink is going slower?
Or boarding time takes longer?

Sidetracked!: Views from Broadway

Big changes here in LA…. from Ralph’s supermarket to Robinson’s May demolished to Macy’s then Target, to historical lofts being sold, to the Grand Central Market revamped. 

I’ll show you Broadway Street in Downtown Los Angeles (sorry not New York).  Not much changed around here. Heard a residential bldg is being planned on 4th and Broadway Sts., so I decided to look and walk around. 

Views along my two-block square radius…

Let’s start at the Pershing Square station where I normally get off:

Pershing Square station midday

Broad daylight! See the plane in the picture? Thought that was a nice touch. 

Along Broadway

Shadow cast from above

Artwork in LA

Another artwork

As you can see, Los Angeles is the hub of many artists. 

There’s even an art gallery opening soon!



Which is taller? Building or lamp post?

Grand Central Market

There was talk of a residential bldg to be built here… Doesn’t look promising now… but, you never know!

4th and Broadway

Just a few steps from that building is this stop. 

It’s very close to a subway station…

4th St Pershing Square station stop

You just never know. Maybe this will be my old stomping grounds in the future. Or this could be my future.

You just never know.

Wide World

With the ending of crossover lanes, I never thought I’d see the roads wide open again. 

Yesterday Down in Cajon Pass


Never to choose sides again


Lanes wide open

Although it wasn’t as free flowing as yesterday’s but it’s still alright. 

Today’s traffic




Signs blocked

I sure hope you know where you’re going!
Happy Monday



31 years, 251 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes, and 39 seconds

This poster in the subway caught my eye on my way to Los Angeles Union Station.

1.5 Billion rides in 25 years!


So of course my head starts to calculate how many rides in a year.

Uh, how do I even write one point five billion?

My iPhone 5s calculator don’t even reach a billion.

BUT did you know that tilting it sideways while on calculator mode, screen will change into this trigonometric function?


Yes, this is what one billion looks like

In America, it’s called a thousand million.

Did you know that in England, it’s written and called differently?
A million million — which looks like this:


No wonder my husband thinks we always have more money!

For keeping our sanity purposes, let’s assume the American numbering system.

Say I take two trips a day. One going and one coming back.

Assuming, there are fifty-two work weeks in a year.

So, 2 x 5 = 10 rides a week

10 x 52 = 520 rides a year

Going back to that original number, 1.5 billion, I don’t get the answers nor get it done in a snap of a finger. (Though my boss seem to think so).

Assuming every person who rides the Metro is like me,

1,500,000,000 – no. of rides
25 – no. of years since Metro started
60,000,000 – no.of rides per year
/ 520 – no.of rides I take a year
115,384.+ – no.of people like me

(God help us if there are that many people like me!)

However, that is counting only one line. Per Metro’s website, these are their numbers:

These numbers are not much.

According to this data (as of 2014), let’s look at the New York subway ridership numbers:

We’ve still got a loooong way to go.

In the meantime,

Keep on ridin’!


***Oh, and the title refers to how long it’d take to count to one billion – one number per second***



Sidetracked!: Motion of the Observer

My entry for the Photo Challenge…

According to the dictionary, Monochromatic, in general physics of moving particles, means having only one kinetic energy.

One example would be one billiard ball striking another.

These following pictures struck me.


Waiting for the train to depart

Capturing a rainbow


See the hand reflection on the right side?


Tunnel vision – or it’s just me?


Friends ‘signing’



Inside the subway station


Off the train

White tanks


Mountain View

Red and white tank


No, it’s not a parasol

Yep, this is me about to spend energy


Trains ‘railing’ on the news



It looks sooo inviting, isn’t it?


Especially on days like this – I want to break free!

I hear ya, girl! I know exactly how you feel


A hurried, harried day of parking



on a wet day

I swear I took my pills the day I took these following photos!


Wires like musical notes on a scale

Now, it’s up to you to keep the ball rolling…..


Cloudy Plea

Our prayers have been answered!

It rained! 

If this continues on, we are definitely heading in the right direction! (In regards to CA drought)

Speaking of direction, yesterday, heading out for work, this was my first view:


If I hadn’t known rain was in the weather forecast, I would think it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny day!

Driving down (where traffic awaits! – because of an accident):


Worker sweeping off debris

But it was a beautiful day! Because it rained (and we badly needed it).  
Now today is cloudy…


Restaurant Row


A bit of Sun shine peeking through


Marshmallow fluffs – looks yummy!


Duncan Canyon Bridge finally getting a move on


I-210 jammed

Well,  we got our rain (hopeful we have more to come). 

Maybe a jam-free traffic flow as well?


Welcome to my new feature on Fridays!

You see, like most bloggers are, I, too, am interested in photography.

This post every Friday will showcase pictures I have taken over the years.

I am not a professional and would welcome your inputs, comments, (wild and colorful) reactions.

They may be photos while I’m driving or as a (distracting and trying to be an unobtrusive) passenger.

I can name the feature: Friday’s Dashboard Photography or Forward Photography Friday (I think I like this).

Or while I’m walking along the streets. Thus, naming it: Friday Photo Walk

Or when I’m flying: Flying Foto Friday.

What if I am flying on the freeway? Would that be considered a driving or flying?

Or when I’m in the train….

Railroad Photos. Or Sidetracked! Ooohhh.. now that’s a nice blog name.

Or when I’m … oh you get the picture.

Hmmmm… what shall I name it then?

Sidetracked!:Forward Photography Friday

Well, I was at work and on my lunch break, I decided to go and take a walk around. Yes, it was HOT but I needed a walk. 

Here are my finds: 

Food truck Friday at the Pershing Square


What is this? A children’s playground? In Pershing Square?


Ah, yes it is!


Come and take a seat

Or seats!

Or stare at the wall art

Pink Fence

Uh-oh time to go back to reality. 

Bow – thank you


Hope enjoyed our walk.
Thank God It’s Friday!

See you all here next Friday!