Sidetracked!: Bruce Lee Writes To Molly Malone


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Hello Molly,

We meet once a year on this day
Where we drink in this pub and be merry all the way.
We both wear green
And this year, we’re happy being only sixteen. 

I always ask, “How are you?”
You always answer, “Divil a bit.”
We just always raise our glass to “Sláinte” (slancha)
Thinking it might be our last hurrah.

It seems like it’s been donkey’s years since we met,
And how much I fondly think of our day along the Boulevard Sunset.
All evening we’re having a whale of a time
And now we observe Daylight Savings Time, it seemed we’ve been robbed of a lifetime.

You’ve given me hints of interest and I love it when you say…

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face

As well as..

May neighbours respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and Heaven accept you

I try to impress you with some wisdom words but they always seem to juuust get in the way.

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours that stay with you all the year long.

I really feel it’s about time I take you to meet my parents no matter how scared I am of them, being my father a very important man, to which you’d reply,

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was.

By what now seemed like a thousand hundredth swig, you were starting to talk gibberish.

I tried to kiss you and you say,

May you be afflicted with itching without the benefit of scratching.

I just thought you might like a kiss especially your shirt says you’re Irish.

I asked for your number and you kept repeating,
Eighty Four Three Hundred Big-Face

I didn’t get it.

I swear I tried to get your number.

By now you were shouting your number for everyone to hear,

Whilst singing songs and giggling and swaggering your beer

I couldn’t get along with this much merriment and think we had a bit too much of a pint of gat.

It’s all too much now especially when you’ve given me that very much decorated and very much — GREEN HAT.

Much love,
Bruce Lee

*Just learned the other day that in China, it is taboo to wear green hat. It means to cheat on your husband.
So, I thought of the mixing the two up*

As they say in Ireland,
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.

Why Do We Spring Forward?



Feeling my way out of the bedroom
As I amble towards the light of another.
Why do we have to spring forward?
When all I wanna do is hug my pillow more inward?

I did manage to get out of the house
Oh how it was still dark with the air fresh and crisp.
As I drive down the Cajon Pass,
Did you feel the moon pulling you back, too?
Did it make you dream of lying down on soft, green grass?

It does make me feel better seeing the sun rise
Walking to the train station seeing my shadow,
Hearing the distant bell of the approaching train to LA
Hoping for a window seat so I can rest my eyes and please give me a pillow.

*Just don’t charge me twelve dollars*

Starry-eyed Wednesday



Listening to “When We Dance” that song by Sting,
Leaves sprouting, branches renewing, growing.
Contemplating on how things can be done differently,
Now that surroundings are starting to turn green and cheery.

Getting in the first packed train, thinking it’d soon be leaving,
But, then, noticing the train was getting a bit too crowded,
Looking up, realising, a half full train starting to leave, much to everyone’s surprise,
I guess we all got deceived and we all just gave out, almost simultaneously, a sigh.

The Sun Is Shining And My Sunglasses Are Broken



Creeping millimeter by millimeter, weren’t we, today?
Bumper to bumper braved the collision after another collision. 
Wailing sirens both police and ambulance,
One elevated call, that’s all it took to make way for assistance.

Ambulance working its way through

Pic taken from my side mirror – a fire engine trying to make its way to the emergency lane

Never mind the people who mock me
I guess I gave too much of a whine
When really all I should
Do is down all the wine.

Think back on what we’ve been through,
Eighty five miles back and forth
The snow, ice and sleet, fires and the searing heat.
High and low winds,
Knots in tummies (sometimes causing winds inside of us, too)
Yes talk of such unforgiving elements!
Who could forget that thought-would-never-end Cajon Crawl?
And now this, the covering of the sinkhole!

I guess what I’m saying is the sun is shining and my glasses are broken. 

But life goes on. 

Back To Back Traffic: Fast Forward To Monday



Weekend flew by too fast.

Hope you all had a good one despite Friday being a disaster!

Nails brought by the rubber rail mats getting blown away and onto the freeway.

Wet, spiky tumbleweeds ambling along to greet you.



Fire engine getting swallowed by a freeway lane.

And then there’s the inevitable — traffic.

Happy Monday to all.

Opening Doors


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Tread carefully, go slow
Give distance, give way
Do not want any ka-pows,
Stay alert, stay calm whatever comes my way.

Thick fog, visibility low
Doesn’t matter if car horns blow
Late for the train I am
Two days in a row.

Instead of getting told, “Leave home early.”
Days like today I hope Boss understands,
It’s not me, it’s the traffic (and weather) to blame.
Getting tired of chasing trains,
Getting tired of this lane.

Switching gears I dream of,
Changing lanes I long for.
Until that day, until I am ready, my sails are up,
“All aboard!”Ahoy mates!” I shout!

I Will Not Join This Parade

Just going along this road,
Keeping my distance
Minding my own business
And going places where no one followed,

Why out of the blue you jumped right in front of me?
Was I invisible?
Were there suddenly a long line of followers?
Do you see anyone bring confetti?

No, I will not join this parade, this motorcade.
I will not be known as the one who stayed.
I will be the party popper, the kill joy.
Not too enthusiastic to be in this procession,
And on my part, there will be no hesitation.

Sidetracked!: App Appreciation


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Aren’t there times in your life that you wished you had captured in camera but did not get the chance to?

Well, wish no more.

I am crazy with this app I stumbled upon while looking online for some photo editing apps available (for free, of course).

All my hours spent on chasing these moments away!

So, let me share with you some pics on this, super duper windy, Friday. I had to hold on to the lamp post on the platform while waiting for the train to come.

Here are some samples of the “MomentCam” app.

Yes, it was this windy!

Got it! Smacked right in the face!

Hanging on to a twig thankfully with sculpted arm muscles while my hat stays on effortlessly.

Here are some more “moments” with my maties… see if you can spot David Bowie (yeah this was wayyy before he left us), Ed Sheeran and Swiffy (Taylor Swift).


Sorry, no way to rotate it. Cranky WP 😛

And to all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Told you I am crazy about this app!

When It Rains, It Pours And Floods



We really did ask for this.

Rain. And more rain.
Because there had been fires in the summer previously, we asked for rain.

Now mudslides.

And winds that could knock you down while walking while holding your coffee while trying to tighten the knot under your parka.

And fog.
And foggy windshield.
And slush down the Cajon Pass.

And of course, slow traffic.

And a two minute-late Metrolink train.

And me arriving ten seconds later – running.

Waist Not, Want Not


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Sitting all day and gaining waist circumference,
I thought I better do some kind of interference.
So a month ago, I got off the subway half a mile away from work,
Hoping in the long run, melt them away and wherein feeling good about myself is just one of its perks!

Coming Clean In The Year 2017


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As we bid Year 2016 adieu, let us remember and look back on all (or maybe not all) as we do tend to forget (or repress?) awful memories.

Yes, awful, but significant ones that will help us correct mistakes, predict the future, plan ahead, but most importantly, help us heal.

Dust off the tired shelves of hate, hostilities and, sometimes, detrimental emotions.

Free and rid our minds of unpleasant feelings, be it at work or personal affairs, that had left us feel empty.

It is not an easy road but we need to take it.

Somehow, we got to stop doing it to ourselves.

We will have choices and we will make bad ones that will make us cry.

Things will seem fuzzy and confusing,

And seem never ending.

Allow those winds of change to sway you in the right direction.

Open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

Let us start anew as we welcome the New Year, Year 2017, with a refreshed, renewed faith and hope that things will be better this time.

Start with one’s self.

We’ve got a road to clear.

Happy New Year!

The Day I Joined The Wedding And The Loony Bin



And it started with one hello.

Something is going on in the subway train. 
Someone says something, you’d look and think someone’s talking to you.

With earphones still on, someone continue talking, completely oblivious of me staring.
This is the subway – there is no cell phone reception here,
Who is he talking to?

Is he crazy? I continue to look at the guy, completely assessing him from head to foot, before dismissing him as a cuckoo head or maybe he’s using walkie-talkie app. I don’t know and I couldn’t tell. 

Is this just a way of getting attention nowadays?
Is this for real or are you pranking me?

Then more and more people are talking on their phones while in the subway.
Gosh, people really are losing it in Los Angeles, I thought.

And then, just the other day, while waiting for the subway train…

My cell phone phone rang.

I, then, realized there is now reception in the (underground) subway train. 

When E.T. Could’ve Phoned Home



Last weekend was the best time that E.T. could’ve called home.

Mars couldn’t have been any more closer to Earth – a mere 11 minutes (instead of 14 minutes)  for light or radio signals to travel each way.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get to work and back home in eleven minutes each way…

Venus shining brightly

Photo taken Saturday at around 5:30pm. Sunday was when Mars was closer to Earth but there were some patchy clouds. 

What Else Am I Missing?



Woke up earlier than my alarm
Positive it’s going to be a good day
Had breakfast and tea which worked like a charm
Stuff in my car, to go I was ready.

In the doorway my hubby and I chat
While in the car I sat,
Mentally going through my checklist while looking around for something’s missing,
Into the motion of backing up, I realized the “key” piece needed for driving.

*It has been a long week. Happy Friday!
And don’t forget your keys!

If you did lose your car keys and no spare, click here on where to begin.

key missing

Picture source

I Could Hug Bear Valley Rd.


If there is one thing I am thankful for
It would be the paving of our dear beloved road, Bear Valley Road.

It didn’t feel like being the target of the death squad anymore nor hearing the sound of it with everything rattling inside the car.

Now it felt like gliding along especially the turning onto the freeway entrance.

My death sentence is over.

Broken Bottles


Drove to Costco and got some wine
To Las Vegas I was bound to dine
With some (hopefully)rich man I met on that dating site.
We did meet and ’twas wonderful, I was full of delight.

One quick decision, I made
He was coming back home with me to meet everyone else.
And so yesterday, Sunday morning along the I-15, a car cut us off and remember the bottles still in my car?
He started throwing them at the other car which should have given me an idea of what he is really like when I noticed in his room, the night before, a broken lampshade.

**This was inspired by a text from a friend passing through Victorville and asked why it was slow on the way back from Vegas. And saw on the CHP website that bottles were getting thrown at a car by another car – as a result of “road rage”

Three Thighs And A Smile


You asked to come in with
Three thighs and a smile,

Green verde and cheese tamale
And strawberries and cream,

Bubblegum flavor, mint chocolates, by jolly!

These welcome you as you try fit into the seat your knee.

You say, “I don’t know which one’s harder: fitting into the seat or resisting all those smells!”

The Haul Up



Red, blue, brown, green, mostly black, and rarely a white.
With two silver matte retractable handle bars clicking,
Most have a rolling their luggage,
While others just carry theirs with all their might.

Up the stairs they go, be wary and follow not too closely,
At the landing they stop abruptly
Unknowingly, and understandably, the one behind is still quite sleepy,
Trips, lands flat on the metro with a bit of a scream spree. 

Sidetracked!: Flying Solo


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Oh Friday Friday is here
Almost the end of September
When news suggest is the best time to meander
Fly around the world to take a gander.

When you buy your ticket,
Don’t use your Yahoo email account
Because their system’s been hacked
And you might be one whose pocket been picketed.

Grab your cameras to catch a glimpse
Of Angelina and Brad taking a piss
Wax museum split the two
When word got out they now prefer to be a deux.

Everything is up for grabs now,
Including the grand and beloved, Concorde.
At least just some bits,
But it could go away faster than you can say, “All Abooooaaaard!”