Lucky Days Coming Ahead

A pig’s poo comes splaterring around my face

Jubilee kicked in

It was state fair and these pigs poo alright

But never in a million years land on someone’s face!

Then as I wandered around, I came upon this so-called Tree of Life

Where its bark had notches for feet to climb on

‘Cabins’ to rest in and even saw this UPS guy deliver a man’s package.

I gave in to temptation and climbed this magnificent, shady tree

Where I could hear people already snoring.

Thought I heard someone banging on the door many times

Couldn’t ignore it any longer,

Woken up to find out it was only the wind wildly blowing,

And to realize a pig just pood on my face!

*Could these dreams of being lucky be brought on by witnessing two shooting stars on my way home on the Cajon Pass last night?*


Sidetracked!: Little Craving

For days, I have been having cravings. Cravings associated with being pregnant – having strange food cravings. Although this one is not strange at all. I was craving desserts – pastry desserts!

Oh, and I’m not pregnant either 😄

Looked up online to see the nearest “dessert places” near my place of work.

Pitchoun Bakery. 

A French bakery! Yes, I’ve seen this place before in one of my walks.

I went to its website and got intimidated with all these French names.  I could order over the phone and pick it up but then again I don’t even know how to pronounce them properly. 

I’ve been thinking and thinking… even calling upon the slightest hint I may have French blood in me (My mom’s maiden name sounds French – a name I carried as my middle – sadly dropped it when I got married).

Feeling as if my bum was on fire from the cravings, I decided to go by myself.

Mentioned it to my co-worker and she had been having cravings as well! And she was having the same mixed feelings about it too.

So, we decided to go together.
What better way?!


Excitingly walking over there we went. At last, I’ll answer my cravings, I thought.


The bakery opens at 7am (too early to go) and closes at 5pm (too late – we leave work 5:30pm), we decided to go when the lunch rush hour has passed.
Not many people were in the cafe which we had hoped for. The least number of people witnessing my blunder, the better. 

Breathing deeply as we got in. 

Dare not stare at the massive menu. 

The desserts ARE in full view. 

I’ll just point the one (in this case, ones) I like. 


Got a lot of breads and tarts. 

Wasn’t able to take a picture. 

Except for this. 

My family devoured them before I could take any more.  

So, here’s the box. 


Until next craving!


Discovered a lot more pictures that people posted online on 

Almond croissant is the best. 


A Case of Mistaken Love

Some get a shock,
Or feel an electric current,
Remember the first time your eyes met
How much you’d have wished for a contact or very close encounter?

Doesn’t staring into those ocean blue eyes make you wish you could swim in them forever?

Others think it’s caused by rubbing.
(Not the kinky thing you’re probably thinking)
Although when you see him just like now,

There he is again – with his inviting-you-to-swim eyes and soft, luscious lips,

He makes you forget you always get this when you reach for the metal doorknob especially after you have just gone on the carpet bare feet walking!

My Car Talks to Me

It was a particularly windy day in my commute down the Cajon Pass this morning. 

And as I was driving down the mountain along with the trucks swaying side to side, I clutched my steering wheel tight. 

Thoughts of my car wandered in -gotten its brake discs, bearings, bushings and cheneyings (You know — ABCs of car maintenance) just replaced by my car chief aka hubby this recent weekend,

This song by the UB40 feat Chrissie Hynde plays loudly as if talking to me….

“And when I get scared, you’re always around so let them say your hair’s too long”

“How’d you know I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair short?”

Wind bullies me again to the side. 

But I don’t care, with you I can’t go wrong.”

And I held on to the wheel tighter. 

“Then put your little hand in mine

There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb. 

Babe, I got you babe, I got you babe. “

Sidetracked!: Following Flash of Inspiration

As I was contemplating in the train on what to write for today’s “Ornate” post, this flashed before my eyes:

hair accessory/ head wrap accessory

Lady’s hair accessory/ head wrap accessory




It kept glinting, causing my eyes to squint whenever the sun hits it.





So I decided to follow it.





It led me to some offbeat places — kept re-positioning my iPhone to capture it.



Sometimes it’s harder to see it when the sun is not shining on it. 





Or against a lighter background.






As the train went on faster, the harder it is to keep finding it on my camera.



Things get blurry…



….. and dark…..




…. ‘Off the wall’…..




I started to feel dizzy afterwards…


Til we got to Los Angeles Union Station – our final destination.




And so I leave you with this:

Sometimes our goals in life get blurry. We need to re-focus, re-align and sometimes, re-invent ourselves and we try again.

Not all that glitters is gold. It could be something better. Look harder.


The answer is within you.

Thankful Monday

Running to the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station I went

Thank God for these legs they bend

New pair of engine mountings in my car I got

So quiet are they, I couldn’t turn the volume up on my music that I forgot

To check how fast I’m going

If not for my car shaking and vibrating. 


Sidetracked!: Retreat Redefined

Doing the same things, working everyday and driving everyday, commuting everyday – takes a toll. 

So this last July, we had stopped work and went to England. 

On our way down to Cornwall, we had a stop over at Glastonbury and stayed here a couple nights. 

Visited the Glastonbury Abbey, a place of many retreats. 

A place to reflect on life. 


Aaaahhh…. Allow your eyes to wander on its green vastness. Such a feast. 


Except that my kids just want to run around like they’ve been caged all their life!



The place where we stayed in – The Flying Dragon’s Nest – was heavenly, as well. 

It’s got the best view of the town. 


See if you can spot Tesco


Blending in with the locals


… And of course – these treats…. 

Pictures courtesy of hubby when I was ‘craving’ something sweet. I was too tired to come out of our flat.  

So he took these pictures and I couldn’t make up my mind. So he got one of each.   




Fish n Chips

Treat and ReTreat. 

Something you want to give yourself over and over.