Sing for More Rain!

Since my nose has been all bunged up, humming has been wonderful!

Can’t hear myself singing so I just hum (especially while waiting for the train). 
Feels (almost) like singing in the shower with built-in better acoustics!

Aaaaand hopefully that will bring in more rain!!!

Invitation to Rain

Dark, cold, clammy
Never mind that all we had yesterday
Sprinkling, spittin’ rain.
As we are, after all, in a five year drain.

We’ll take anything heaven gives.
Did you know where to get cash?
Three dollars a square foot,
If you trade in your grass!

In Los Angeles, that is.
Whereas here in the high desert, fifty cents is all there is.


Gray skies, never mind the empty pockets.

As long as we get some rain,
As long as we continue to have water to drink,
Come! Bring it on!

Come and rain for we are on the brink!

Walls Have Been Breached

I cannot stop kissing nor hugging my kids.

In fact, there’s no way I can stay away from them!

Close contact of my kind is essential, not optional.
No matter how often I wash my hands,
Avoid touching my eyes and mouth,

It’s inescapable,
It’s sneaked in, walls have been breached,
And it started with a sneeze and a sniff.

As I start out my day,
A sign says, ‘Accident Ahead’
Just when I thought better days are coming!
Comes a traffic that will keep me braking.

Didn’t see any accident,
Except for red lights and blue 1-800-PACIFIC
And white Goodcents who keep asking,
How’s my driving? Call 1-800-653-3445,
At every stoplight.

He was beginning to piss me off,
Glad that at street of Arrow he turned,
Finally, a change of view as I was starting to churn!

No denying this accident.
What happened, I have no clue.
Perhaps it was the gale-force wind that caused an overturn at Kenwood
Or the new traffic pattern that would have me nominated for sainthood.

Whatever it was,
I felt like I was in a bubble
With a blocked nose and hard-hearing ears,
Walls of immunity’s been breached,
Hope this post does not start a jinx.

Be Safe

Traffic update:

Ranchero Rd on I-15 Southbound: Off ramp closed from April 13 – 17th 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Ranchero Rd on I-15 Northbound: Off ramp closed from April 13 – 17th. No times were posted. Or maybe I missed it?

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s move on to my Friday madness.

For days, I’ve been reading that today is the day the crossover traffic begins!
Some say to fashion it after the one in San Diego.

I have no idea what it looks like.

All these traffic management jargons…

Because I’ve been watching the ‘Fringe’ all I could think of is ‘crossing over to the other side’ (another dimension).

I was beginning to dread this day.

Until this morning..

Finally! A video!

On Twitter, @Cajon Pass Rehab has one.

I’m sharing it here:

To view a video of a crossover lane, click below:

Crossover lane Youtube video

Nothing to fear.

Completely different to what I had in mind.

Just stay focused.

We can do this.

Just stay within reasonable suggested speed limits and we should all be fine, right?

Here’s what I-15 Southbound look nowadays…

Before the I-15 & I-215 split

Northbound looks like it has a new traffic pattern. 

A bypass lane?

Moving along…

After the split

It’s been five days with this new configuration. 

No longer can one change minds at the last second on which freeway to go on. Have to make up mind about two miles before. Otherwise, you’re stuck. 

Like I was last Monday. Able to get back on 15S thru Devore.    

Bridge over the I-215 Southbound


This is new?

Beautiful bridge columns!

Maybee this bee/bug on my windshield keep me company tonight. 

It’s earned its stripes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Friday! 

Bee safe. 

 *Oh and my apologies to those who clicked the link on my last post about the ‘boinging boobies’. Sorry to disappoint. No, I don’t have the actual video*


One Call Or Text Could Wreck It All

Just gone to the pit stop to have breakfast.
Had pancakes with syrup, sausages and steak.
Fill me up, I say!
Gotta have a big one, it sure was a blast today.

Hauling this 18-wheeler ain’t too bad.
List’nin’ to my old country songs,
Bring back mem’ries when I was still a young lad.

Gone were those days,
In with this moustache and long face.
Much to my mom’s dismay
Oh well, at least I’d still be hip in Bombay.

Dang this phone that keep dingin’
Prolly third wifey who wants to send me her lovin’
Took a peek at it
Sure enough it was her and couldn’t help starin’
At the vid of her and her maties’ boobies’ boingin’.


Round Up The Usual Suspects


Sweatshirt on as he looks out the window as we step in.
Clickety-clank of her lotion bottle
Sounding like a ball in a barrel,
As she pours it over her left hand.

Heels clicking as she goes past me,
Ooohh, looks like she got new shoes on.

Bloke wearing just a shirt
Tolerance for cold as high as his height,
Tapping my head seat as he walks by. Bag with metal buckles making a noise,
Perfect for drum sound effects.

A cough could be heard behind
As if letting me know she’s here alright.

Saw a black ‘n white plaid pattern go up the stairs,
Same time as the ‘Angelz’ man,
Who I know notices me and gives me a nod
With a faint smile.


It’s Monday.
First day of the week.

All the usual suspects are in.


Wool Over My Eyes


Picture source

I wish I had wool on yesterday night. 

Stuck in the Metrolink train, for an hour and a half, that struck a person in the tracks, while investigation went on, while we waited, I was cold. 

Meanwhile, my mind is racing whether I’d still have a home to go home to. 

A fire was ongoing in the High Desert. Close to home. 


Though my husband assured me everything was OK and everyone was accounted for and no evacuations been ordered, I couldn’t help but feel helpless. 

It’s just like what doctors don’t want to hear you saying when you’re told your bad cholesterol or sugar levels are high. To which you reply, “But I don’t feel anything.”

Do I wait for something foolishly bad to happen til I do something about this situation of mine?

New Freeway Traffic Configuration!

Good ‘Monday’ morning!

Traffic was flowing easy – until you get to the Cajon Pass Summit. 


Got time. I’ll still make my train. 


There was a sign just after the 138 (scales). 

Missed what it said. 

Big trucks blocking it while a car was right up my behind. 

My answer came when I saw the overhead highway signage for 215 and 15. 

New traffic configuration!!!

What there used to have a truck bypass – no longer there. 

Now, trucks are all over the lanes. 

Can’t really see what’s up ahead. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I’m in the wrong lane! But I kept thinking that I still have somewhere I can change lanes. 

Totally missed it!

I watched anxiously as the cars continued on to the I-15 where I should be. 

I calmed myself down. 

I’d exit at Devore, I decided. 

And I did. 

Too many distractions. A lot of cars parked on the side (probably from the construction workers) and signs around. 

I kept seeing signs for 215 (No, I don’t wanna go there). 

Victorville signs. No, not there, either. 

Glen Helen Parkway. 

I think I know that. 

Followed it. 

Went up a bridge. Then continued on to the road where all those cars you see when there’s a concert. 

Whew! Got back on I-15South. 

It’s already 7:21am. Got eight minutes before my train leaves. I’m no longer going to make it, I thought. (Scheduled departure is 7:29am). 

Just have to change lanes earlier for a wall separates the I-215 and I-15 split now. 

Tomorrow’s another day. 

*Sitting in the car – just realized I’m wearing bright blue shirt underneath this sheer black top on!**

Oh well! 

Like I said, tomorrow’s another day!