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orteM (Metro spelled backwards)

Writing and posting after a long-winded, deathly commute!


A week after the burning and collapse of the Ranchero Bridge and, nolens volens, closing of the I-15 fwy, I am relieved it is finally open again.

Though the fwy is wide open, every time I see the bridge, I feel sad for all the hard work the workers have put in. Construction was coming along nicely, traffic was flowing smoothly, even during construction, and just like that – it’s gone.

According to the reports I’ve read, bridge could not be salvaged and ’twas a total loss 😦

But, that’s life! With every setback comes renewed strength and willpower. One just comes back stronger.

Not me. I was soo ready to call it quits after the I-15 fwy was shut down. After many years of commuting up and down the Cajon Pass and traveling about 85 miles (85 x 1.6 = 136.8 kms) everyday, 5 days a week, it just wear me down – to the bone.


After much thought and after a revived inspiration from an unlikely, serendipitous source, I was back again. This time even catching the earlier train.

With BNSF’s derailment yesterday, Metrolink trains are 5-10 minutes delayed. I can deal with that.


Meanwhile, let me enjoy my cucumber to refresh me in the morning.


Good day to everyone!



Another experience to file under ‘Resiliency”