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Sadly, most of the time, it’s true.

Being a creature of habit, I found it hard to deviate from what I’m used to. For several years of driving from home to Fontana station to ride the Metrolink to Union Station and back, I decided to give it a try. I caved in to follow my fellow commuters’ / friends’ advice. I started driving to Rancho Cucamonga, 10miles further, just last March.

First time I passed my usual exit at Sierra, I felt anxious. Several scenarios popped up in my head. What if this was a mistake? I had just bought my monthly pass and I have to live with my mistake for a month.

I could hear my husband’s voice saying I’ll be OK. I prepared ahead of time by doing a “dry run”. I went on google maps and went turn by turn, checking and mentally remembering the street names I will see along the way, making sure I won’t get lost after the fwy exit. Thank these technology geeks who made this possible.

With shaking knees, I made it! My train is at 7:29am. I even got to the station the same time I normally get to Fontana of about 7:15am.

Sure enough, they were right. It is 10miles further than Fontana but takes just about the same amount of time to get to the station in Fontana. WOW. Because it’s closer to Union Station too, train’s monthly ticket costs $40 less too! Ka-ching! I’m already liking it!

But nothing good lasts, sad to say, in this case.

Just last night going home after a catastrophic day at work (funny how technology can backfire as well), there was a green paper flappping on my windshield.

Permit parking flyer

They’re taking away my $30! Blasted city! Not much consolation being a resident, either. They’re charging $25 for residents of Rancho Cucamonga. Plus a bunch of other “rules” and a threatening line that “Police will be given a list of  license plates with valid permits”. Really?! Police have enough on their plate already to catch the really bad guys. I wonder if a fine will be imposed or tow your car off the lot if caught with no permit. Hmm?

No wonder, lately, there’s always someone in security uniform with a clipboard in hand at the station. Probably counting people getting off the train as against the number of cars in the lot. I should’ve known something’s up.

Imagine how much money they could be making on this? There are about 25 spaces in a row and about 12 rows (25×12= 300 cars) and that’s just in Lot 1. There are 2 lots.

Here’s a picture of the Rancho Cucamonga station (at least a part of it):

Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station

beautiful, big palm trees

The station is huuuge! It has beautiful, tall palm trees, bike racks, even charging stations for electric cars. I agree with the paid permit, somehow. I would like a lit, clean, safe, secure place to park my car. Bonus features are retail stalls for coffee and snacks.

But I guess that would be asking for too much 😉