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Parallel Universe window

Have you ever gone people-watching?

Have you ever wondered what they’re like in real life?

Or even while driving, ever wonder what the connection is between the driver and the car they drive?

I see almost the same people everyday ride the train and their cars. Don’t you think cars are an extension of its owner?

Since I can’t do a litmus test on them (excluding those with personalized plates – they’re a dead giveaway), I just guess and make up stories about them.


My parallel universe of them.

In California, the standard format of  a license plate is:

A number anywhere from 1 to 9
Then a combination of 3 letters from A to Z
and combination of 3 numbers from 0 to 9

If I put an x on a plate, that means it’s unknown or can’t remember.

So, let’s start.


Have you spied on your next-door neighbor’s car’s license plates?

1LUUxxx   – Maybe he’s got incontinence problems?

What about that guy in the train who’s always in a hurry? 4JFFxxx – Jiffy Jeff ? I don’t even know if his real name is Jeff. But whenever I see him, I call him Jiffy Jeff in my head.

There’s another guy who likes to save people (he’s helped me one time when my phone got stuck underneath the seat and couldn’t get to it!)

His plate is:   5AVExxx

I almost always park my car near his. I thought if there’s trouble, he can save me. Maybe. He’s got an angelic face! And a JESUS sticker…?

There’s another lady I know personally whose plates are 2PRTxxx – Yes, she is PRETTY inside out.

What about this? 5CYJxxx

It’s a red, shiny sports car. A 7ft tall (at least that’s what I think he is) guy in impeccable suit?

It’s RED CYANIDE JOHN  – Deadly, hazardous, corrosive. Too intimidating.  Maybe an attorney? Hmmm?


I wonder what other people think of me driving my husband’s car? 5LPRxxx – SLIPPER Lady? Cos I always wear slippers when driving?

What about if it’s my husband’s driving? SLURPER? Oh yes, he loves his wine and beer!

What about that guy who nearly “CHARGED” my car from behind? Remembered his plates – still imprinted in my head.


Figures. He’s DAFT. Seven times.