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What can one do inside the train?

In the morning, I see women put their make-up on, getting ready for work. A lot of people are on their laptops typing away. Some are watching movies streaming on their tablets or phones. Some reading newspapers. Others talking to each other. The rest are just sitting quietly. Very civilized. Minding their own business.

Then there is me. Sleeping. Drooling (and snoring) probably. Dreaming.

Seems only yesterday that we were at San Clemente. That was more than 5 years ago.

Kite-flying at San ClementeSan Clemente BeachAmtrak train

We stayed at San Clemente Inn which was steps away from the San Clemente Beach.  The inn was only about 2-3 miles from the Metrolink San Clemente Pier Station too.


Which reminds of me of what my friend, Lorie, did just last Saturday. If you have no plans on going anywhere, why not hop on the Metrolink Orange County Line to Oceanside at the Los Angeles Union Station and visit San Clemente?! It’s only $10 on the weekends. Metrolink monthly holders do not have to pay extra.

$10 weekend pass



So when not dreaming, I read.  I bring magazines, newspapers, pocketbooks, and some really thick books too. Like this one:

Jane Austen's Seven Novels

Jane Austen’s Seven Novels

But it didn’t last long. I brought this book with me for only a week. It’s too heavy, for one. Too bulky as well. I could have opted for those NOOKs or reader tablets but I just love the smell of books! Nothing can replace them  (especially the ones smelling of mold!).