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There is ONLY ONE express train to San Bernardino. It’s the 5:15pm. It makes only two stops in between LA Union Station and San Bernardino. Covina and Rancho Cucamonga.

It takes a mere 49-50 minutes!

Compared to my usual one hour and ten minute commute, this is lightning fast. Mach 5 even! 😉

I have taken it only once since it was implemented, maybe 2-3? years ago. And that was still the time I get off on Fontana station. What I did then was get off on Rancho Cucamonga then wait for the next train to take me to Fontana. Basically the same thing as taking the next train after the express one.

Today is my lucky day. I finished work early (normally off at 5:30ish) and was set to leave work. Got on the 5:05pm subway train. Got to Union Station 5:13pm!!! It was supposed to be a two- (three tops) minute ride. For some reason subway was delayed.

That’s fine. I’ll just run the rest of the way.

I got on the train (Yes! I made it) Then the conductor announced the trip number: 326 to San Bernardino.

No! No! This is not the express!

Sad to say, I got on the wrong train and just saw the express train leaving a couple of platforms away :-(((

Sigh. I guess, better luck next time?