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Read this and ride on!


12 Tips For a Smooth Ride

Metrolink train

Metrolink train


1. Park your car right.

You’re running late (I know the feeling). I understand that there may be times when you just got in the parking lot and you see the train pulling in. Before dashing off to catch it, please do make sure to park your car properly. Especially if you just parked at my favorite spot. It may not have my name on it but I’d like to park in this spot, being a creature of habit. Because you’ve beaten me to the space, park your car right so I can settle for the space next to it.

2. Respect the line.

No cutting. No jumping the line. People line up on the platform so there is a better chance for them to get a good seat. Or they’re just civilized that way 😉

On the subway (Metro), in all my commuting life so far, I’ve never seen people line up while waiting for the train.

3. Trains (both Metrolink and Metro subway) accommodate people with disabilities.

Metrolink boards them last because the conductor would still need to put up a special ramp for them.

On the subway (Metro), however, please let them go in first. I’ve witnessed numerous times people trying to outrace them getting in the train.

Make space for them. Subway train have spaces designated especially for them but if they decide to go somewhere else, then as any other human being, make way for them.

4. Metrolink provides charging stations inside the train.

Please do not hoard all the outlets. Laptop, phone and tablet – all out to be charged. If there is someone else who need to charge theirs, please make way.

5. Don’t air your dirty laundry.

Please talk in your normal voice and no loud music.

Just because you’re not seated in the quiet car, it doesn’t mean you can play your hip-hop music (not everyone shares your ‘cool’ interest in music), or watch your home vidoes out loud.

Also, if you’re talking on the phone, please use your normal voice. You do not have to scream. No one wants to hear your fight with your boyfriend.

6. Have your ticket ready when asked.

Buy your Metrolink ticket before boarding.

7. Never run for the train.

Seriously? Who has not?

I remember when I was running for the train (it was a Friday and couldn’t wait to get home) and a lady was running, too, next to me.

We both got on the stairs. I slowed down to a walk. She was still running. She stumbled and got grazed on the steps.

Luckily, she didn’t fall face down (but almost).

If you have to, please do be careful. Walk fast. Pretend you’re in a walkathon instead.

8. Have a list of alternate trips/routes.

Accidents happen. Strikes happen. People jump in front of the trains. Cars get struck by trains. Trucks crash into train. You get the picture.

A list of alternate routes would help in these situations.

9. If you’re in a group, make sure to stay together.

Not calling each other on the phone saying, “Raise your hand so I can see where you are.” or “Stick your foot out on the aisle so I can see you.”

Trains have numbers on them and can easily be seen. Use these to know where exactly your friends are. It’s OK to go through those EXIT doors. Unlike the ones on the subway (Metro) where it’s prohibited to go through those.

10. Report any suspicious bag or activity.

Train personnel take this seriously. One time we all had to evacuate the train and wait for the next one because a bag was left behind.

Better be safe than get blown up.

11. Delays happen.

Train is delayed for 50 minutes already. People are stuck on the platform. Finally, train is here!

While inside the train, please stop yourself from wondering out loud, “The train is so full. Is this allowed? Isn’t this a fire hazard?”

Please. We all just want to go home.

Yes, even the sheriffs riding the train want to get home too.

12. Finally, enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the scenery. Sleep. Listen to music (wearing headphones or earphones). Read a book. Engage your seatmate.


For the seasoned traveller, do share your experience.

Anything I missed out? Let me know!