And it’s you and me in the summertime
We’ll be hand-in-hand down in the park…
With a squeeze and a sigh
And the twinkle in your eye
And all the sunshine banishes the dark…

– Summertime, by The Sundays

It’s summertime again. I don’t know what is it with this season but it makes everything bearable for me. Just seeing a bit of a ray before sun calls it a day, makes me feel warm and thankful everyday.

It is also a time for ice creams. Aaahhh! I scream for ice cream! If I can bring in a new “wacky” flavor to ice cream, what would it be?

With a wide variety of ice cream flavors around and most my favorites already, like the pistachio, mango, ube (purple yam), melon, strawberry, raspberry, rocky road, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, banana, orange, and classics like chocolate and/or vanilla, what else could there be?

Mixing my favorites with mango and melon as base, throw in crispy seaweed and pecan nuts and raspberries, drizzled with chocolate.

Sweeet! Yummmm!!!!

Now let’s taste test other people’s creations