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I’ve tried my hand on some activities I might like. I mean this is what life is about, right? Trying to find our place in this world. Find meaning. Learn from our experiences.

In my younger days, I tried gymnastics, then got hooked on long-distance running just because I wanted to follow my crush everywhere. Haha!

Like what my good friend, Leila, said, “… it’s that ‘not knowing’ where we’re headed is not that at all bad. It is always upon us to to choose to do well wherever we go and leave each place better than when we found it. ”

I’ve tried figure skating for a while ’til my instructor said, “Maybe it’s better you try hockey.” He did say I’m fast. But not graceful enough for figure skating?

That’s OK. I was happy I tried it.

Now I just go inline skating and biking.

Then there was a time when I signed up for voice lessons, too. I thought since already possessing a musical background, maybe I could pursue this one further. My instructor was very encouraging and understanding.

It’s my classmates whom I found daunting – and very young too! I was 21 years old that time and their ages were from ages 5-9years old tops.

I had just started working after graduating college and I guess I could have opted for private lessons but the thought of having an instant audience thrilled me somehow (not to mention it was cheaper too). I’d be more relaxed with this set-up as well. But didn’t expect them to be this young.

I remember this girl who, incidentally, was also from my high school alma mater, telling me that she’s only taking this class because her mom wanted her to be a singer. She told me she had won several singing competitions but from her tone, it seems like she wasn’t enjoying it. Too bad. She was really good.

They were good company. A few times after class I’d invite them all out and we’d go in my car and just eat out and bond. Thinking back now, I sure didn’t feel like the grown-up then. They were giggling. I was giggling. Sheesh, I was one of them! Those were good times.

I didn’t get to finish the course. Work took over. But the whole experience was humbling, and exciting at the same time.

Now, with a family of my own, I try baking (though this has been on hold for sometime) and cooking. Trying recipes handed down with me mostly using completely different ingredients. Few turned out OK. Almost edible. My twenty-month old child is my number one fan, though. Haha!

Besides blogging, what else would I want? What else could I find myself busy with? What else could I drive myself crazy with? As if working and having a family leave me with much time for myself!

Maybe I can start my guitar lessons again? Calling, calling my musically- (more physically-) endowed hubby!