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One time, going home, the entrance to the subway nearest my place of work was closed.

I know I’m prepared for this kind of situation. I had looked it up and had saved my alternative rides/ routes on my phone.

I just had to get to Union Station and I’ll be fine.

This is my list:
Fr work to Los Angeles Union Station
– DASH B financial district
Olive/6th st. EZ pass ok
– Foothill silver streak (el monte busway/alameda
– Rapid 728 LA-Union station
– Metro 745, 733, 489,487, 40, 770

So walking around and trying to find these bus numbers on the signs was hard. I couldn’t see any sign with these numbers on them.

Looking into the list I made, I thought it was enough. I had the bus number. I have the sign the bus should have so I know I’ll be getting on the right one. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about ten years so I was confident enough to know if I am heading the right direction.

I was walking and looking around for about ten minutes already. Oh no, I am not gonna make my Metrolink train, I thought.

A bus stopped in front of me. I asked the driver if it was stopping at Union Station. He said it does. So I got on.

There were a lot of people inside the bus. I searched for a familiar face; Somebody who was in the same predicament as me. Nada.

The bus made a couple of stops. I could see the bus making its way to the freeway entrance. I thought I should get off before it gets onto the freeway.

I didn’t. I didn’t get off.

I looked around the area checking to see any familiar landmarks. Nada.

I stayed on.

The bus got on the freeway and went on and on for another hour and so. It made a stop at a Covina mall. I know this mall. I used to go here. But it’s a mall. If I get stuck in here til nightfall, there will be crazy people around. I stayed.

Then Pomona station.

This I know too. Right where the Metrolink train is! I wanted to get off but changed my mind when I saw there were dodgy-looking people lurking around. I asked the driver what his last stop was. Montclair.

Big Sigh (of relief)!

Montclair Transit Center. The best stop. A lot of buses. Brightly lit area too. I wouldn’t mind waiting there. My Metrolink stops there as well. I’ll just wait for it.

And so I did. Even though I got on the train two and a half hours later than my usual time, I am still thankful I made it.

Safely back to the bosom of my family.

I wonder how others managed it? Being on the wrong bus? Or made a wrong turn? Read them here!