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“You must be wearing yellow” said the kind-voiced lady who just sat next to me in the train.

Yup. As bright as the sunshine!

I thought this lady is weird. It’s just one of the most easily seen, conspicuous, spot-on colors. Duh!

Then I began to wonder why the lady said that. As if reading my mind she continued, “Only you I can see in this train.” Oh no, do I have myself a ghost? Suddenly felt excited at the prospect of having one, I found myself thinking of questions only a ghost can answer.

Interrupting my thoughts, she further went on saying that all the people riding the train, she now can only imagine and recall from memory. But she could only see me! She sounded really pleased. Every other individual is just a blur. A shadow.

And here I am she said like an angel from the sky.

Wait, I thought she was my angel!

She then told me she was declared legally blind.

What does that even mean?

If you’re blind, you can’t see, right? She does not have a walking stick. She blinks. She carries a purse. I saw her flash a card when the sheriff asked to see a ticket. She can see. She must be joking me.

Amongst all the 200+ people in the train she could only see me – and very few other people too. But I was the one that shines the most. Ahhh finally someone who recognizes me. Someone who knows the real me. Who can see past my stoic face.

No, that was not the case.

She could see me because I was wearing yellow. The only color apart from white that she could see, according to her. All others in the train are wearing black or very dark color.

I knew it was a nice color. My mom lives and breathes yellow 😉

We got to Union Station and the lady then asked me if I could tell her where the ramp is instead of the stairwell. I said the nearest one when we get off will be the stairs but she said that it would be easier for her to walk in the ramp than trying to place her foot in the stairs. She couldn’t see remember?

Offered her my arm but she said I didn’t have to. She can walk perfectly.

Just lead the way.

Follow the yellow.

Note: I know very little about legal blindedness. Do you currently have one or have an experience with someone who has it?
Enlighten me!