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How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear?

Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Ok, just for the sake of dreaming.. let me try this..

If I don’t fear the humiliation of having tomatoes thrown in my face or the hecklers trying to throw me out, I’d probably be singing. Singing my heart out. Playing the piano while people put bread in my jar. I’d probably be living and breathing my first love.

But that is not me. I am just too timid. Yes at times I may have had my share of the big, hot spotlight. I may have sung onstage a couple of times. Like the time we had a big event in school and the speaker we’ve invited has not arrived yet. I was called to ‘rescue’ and entertain the college students. Or during frosh orientation when everyone’s nervous about going to a new school, I volunteered to do a number.

But the reality is, I’ve come to realize that me and singing is a one-way street. It’s unrequited love. I love singing but singing does not love me.

I may just have to live with that fact. Although I thank God for karaoke 🙂

Fear is a primal instinct – in varying degrees. It’s been instilled since we were born. A cry would prompt a mother to feed the baby. Fear and panic (in the parent) when a toddler tries to climb furniture. But the toddler is dauntless. Until the toddler falls and breaks a bone. Pain – lesson learned.

Fear and carelessness are a dangerous combination. Heard about what’s happening to our teens taking the world’s greatest selfies but died? Read them HERE.

Fear is also the fundamental block to living life – to the greatest.

I’ve read of stories of people being in the dumps then now the greatest person in the world. It’s that ‘fear’ of being into that position – the lowest point. That’s what drives people to greatness.

Sure, we’ve learned our lesson. It should not stop there.

The ‘trying’ part in us that trumps fear. Courage to try. This is what we should cultivate.

Fear triggers our fight or flight response. Without fear, we won’t prepare for anything. Preparedness equips us for the inevitable and the unknown. Practice makes it perfect. Even schools have earthquake drills. Not knowing what to do is what kills us.

Fear should not be feared. We must acknowledge we have it.

Why, without fear of losing my sanity, I wouldn’t be writing this blog either.

And I’ll leave you with this passage, my dear readers:

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.

-Margaret Shepard