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Another workday. Got ready for work. Had breakfast and I was off. Driving past the trucks down the Cajon Pass, traffic was lighter than yesterday’s.

Got to Rancho Cucamonga station. Train arrived. Got on. Started typing my entry for today.

Got to work. Had a usual day.

Got off work. Running to the train’s platform, as usual –7B.

Got on the train. Inside was different. Bigger and more spacious seats – with doors! Finally I can shut myself in from all the noisy people.

A knock. “Anything from the trolley?” “Yes please!” Yum! Chocolates and pastries are my favorites. This particular one, a green one looks dodgy. Tried it and suddenly found myself on top of a lamp post.

No, I am not Spiderman.

I am Hal Jordan, a Green Lantern and protector of sector 8214, so-called Earth, fighting off the Borgs who’ve come to dominate the planet.
Sandwiched between two Borgs who’ve begun to assimilate me, I must resist. I must resist. I kept chanting. Resistance is futile. they countered.


The Borg said, Rancho Cucamonggaaaa!!!!

I blinked.

Shucks! I almost missed my stop! I must’ve dozed off…

Inspired by today’s Daily Post: Fictional Intruder