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Beautiful picture of the San Bernardino train leaving Union Station. Photo of STEVE BARRY at http://www.railroadphotographer.com

People were boarding the train, people I always see in my train, from a different platform number than displayed on the screen.

Unsure whether to board or not, I thought maybe I missed the announcement?

A lot of people are walking fast. Couldn’t seem to stop someone to ask.

Finally got a hold of “customer service” person roaming the platform.

He said it’s definitely my train to San Bernardino on a different platform number but it’s leaving and it doesn’t have an engine. HUH?

Why let people get on it?

It’s not April Fool’s Day…is it?

I wondered… and kept asking why it doesn’t have an engine and why let people in? I just got ignored.


Then the man next to me probably noticed my confusion, “The train does not have an engine-ER.”


Continuing my dumbness, I asked, “So what? So what if it doesn’t have an engineer?”


Well my readers, I didn’t realize an ENGINEER is what they call the driver of the train. DUH!