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Every morning while hubby drinks his extra foamy (yummy) coffee, I inhale all of it. I just love the smell of it! Having breakfast with my hubby while the sprinklers were on and letting in the gentle breeze was refreshing, according to him. I find it a tad goosebump-inducing instead 🙂

Drove off to work. Car still smells of car cleaner. Got to Rancho Cucamonga. Waited on the platform while the train pulls in. Got on. Pheeew! The train stinks! The bathroom must be clogged again!

Ahh this lady who boards from Montclair has got her faint perfume today. It’s not weak. It’s actually very strong that I might just ‘faint’! Hubby has always said I’m like a bloodhound. I can smell things from a mile away — especially when it comes to food!

I hate it when people eat in the train. Cos it smells soo good! I remember when I was pregnant and this man was eating chips (crisps), without even looking, I knew they were Doritos. From the smell and the crunching sound it makes, I could tell. I don’t know about being pregnant but my sniffing capabilities seem to be on overdrive then.

Pershing Square smells either of smoke (cigarette smoke) or weed of some sort.

I’m at work. Smells of coffee throughout the day rejuvenate me.

Five o’ clock, the smell of “home” lingers in the air.

Rushing to Union Station with no time to sniff, got on and into dreamland.

Got back to my car (feels like I’m only inches away from home now). While driving along this road home at night, I swear I smell barbecues! Tempting!

I get home and the sweet smell of freshly cooked rice welcomes me.
Now where is that barbecue?

***Inspired by Daily Prompt’s Nosey Delights


*Photo credit: www.yelp.com