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Dogs' heads out

Dogs’ heads out the window

“Dog with your head out the car window

Dog with your head out the window

You look so pleased

With your hair blown back and your eyes with a squint

Dog with your head out the window

Penny for your thoughts

What are you smelling?

Is it a cat, or another dog,

or is it the fresh air full of scents new to you?

Dog with your head out the window

Following for miles in my car I see you

You seem so contented and full of bliss

It seems all consuming like a prisoner just released

Stop and smell the roses you do

You live life to the fullest

Don’t ever change

You are a good example for all people-kind

Three words come to mind…

Good for you!”

Poem from Author Lynette Barrett

Took this picture (a couple of weeks ago – completely forgot about it – found in my phone’s camera roll) in Rancho Cucamonga on the way home. Good thing police didn’t catch me taking a photo.

There was one that just passed moments after I took the photo. I wonder if they could write me a ticket for taking a photo while driving? Well, I wasn’t really driving. I took this photo stopped at a red light.

But then again, you probably won’t believe me (and neither will the police – given this evidence).

I just looked at the photo again – the lights were green (Notice the driver’s rear view mirror)

Happy weekend!