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That’s how it all started.

She was always asleep in the train.

Then one time the train was delayed. She was just quiet, standing amongst the crowd, listening intently for the announcements on when the train is coming. Then one lady came up to her and started chatting her up about how often this train is late.

Finally the train came. One car was one of those old ones where there were long seats where it could seat three to four people on each side facing each other. That’s where they got on. Little did she know that the lady she just chatted with would open up a whole new world for her. Next thing she knew, the lady’s friends came and sat in to join. Everybody was introduced to each other.

Almost everyday they’d do this and chat with each other. Over the years, the lady’s schedule changed and so did her other friends.

Once in a while, a couple of friends pop in to catch up with her.

She’s back to her sleeping routine.

*Inspired by today’s Daily Post:Middle Seat