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With three to four open lanes, I’ve always stayed on the lane next to the passing lane (fast lane) either driving up or down the Cajon Pass.

For some reason, I drove on the lane next to the truck lane going down the Pass. Didn’t like to drive next to trucks but something tells me I should. And so I did. It was a smoother drive than the other one I normally go on. Not for long.

I witnessed cars zoom by while I (guiltily) went at 70mph already. Then the unimaginable happened. This white SUV was driving fast on the passing lane (maybe 80 or 90 even), then a construction truck starts rolling (within the construction zone) — with water spewing out into the fast lane doing what it’s supposed to. But this SUV suddenly changed lanes to the next one. Because it was abrupt and a car will hit it, suddenly moved lanes again to mine! Whoa! Next thing I know the SUV was in front of me. By this time I had already slowed down a bit to 65.

I knew there was a reason why I drove on this lane. My little guardian angel is not asleep after all.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve noticed that cars seem to even go faster than usual nowadays on the Cajon Pass, especially that construction is underway. Why is it so?

Maybe because it’s summer? A lot of our teenagers learnt to drive and now driving with ants in their pants in newfound freedom of theirs? Maybe there are really more cars on a road trip this summer? I don’t really know.

With fewer and not to mention squished lanes, cars need to drive slower.

Both for the public and the workers’ safety.


Let’s hope for the best and safety of everyone.  Patience is a virtue. We all need to call upon it – til 2016 when the projected construction’s done.