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I am a particularly energetic person. Nothing can wear me down. I remember when I was 18, my friend and I danced til morning – literally. Yeah, I forgot I was 18 then!

Fast forward almost 20 years later, a trip to the grocery with kids tagging along feels like I’ve just climbed Mount Everest. Juggling a pizza box while carrying a two-year-old and carrying the groceries from the garage into the house is a struggle. Wait, that was my hubby last night! But I know how that feels like. Your arms suddenly went jelly.

My whole body was jelly! After what seemed like a long drive yesterday from the traffic on the Cajon Pass, I just want to go to sleep. And I did. After typing up my entry yesterday in the train to work, I slept. After staring into a lot of cars and the road of stillness, I am exhausted. The best way to revive me is sleep. Zzzzz