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Left work early day before yesterday to meet a close friend from college who’s visiting from the Philippines.

We then agreed to meet at LA Live! because it’s close to my workplace and because I haven’t been there myself, it may be a place worth seeing.

Upon recommendation of a co-worker, my friend and I agreed to meet at Lucky Strike. It’s a bowling lane AND a restaurant. I don’t bowl (not really). In my almost 38years of life, as far as I recall, I’ve probably bowled three times! Once probably during my elementary days as I recall my Dad likes to bowl with my teachers. There is a BIG probability that I played at least once (though I do not remember). Second was during my hubby’s birthday (this I know for sure). Third, when my son pined for bowling. First time he tried it, he liked it.

As far as my friend’s bowling frequencies go, I am pretty sure she doesn’t bowl that often either. I chose the place because it has an activity we can choose to play later on, PLUS I was told they have good food (read: chicken wings).


Upon leaving work, I head down to the subway train on Pershing Square. Instead of heading home to Union Station, I ventured to the opposite side to 7th St/Metro Center which was the next stop. Two lines travel on this rail up to Wilshire/Vermont St. Beyond this is where they separate ways. Purple Line goes all the way to Wilshire/Western.  Red Line goes to North Hollywood.

Since both lines stop at 7th St/Metro Center, I do not care which line I get on to.  It’s just the next stop anyway. How hard could that be?

Walked up the stairs to 7th St/Figueroa where I saw the Bank of America on my left. Walked straight along Figueroa for about 3-4 blocks.  I haven’t walked these roads in a looong time. I used to know them for I have lived in Koreatown in Los Angeles for about 10years and also when I used to go to the Public Library here too.

Anyways, so we met! She was with her boyfriend and her sister. Last time we saw each other was 2010 when she last visited the US.

It was Happy Hour at Lucky Strike but I wasn’t really up for alcoholic drinks. I have a massive headache for two days now and it just won’t leave me alone. But I cast it aside, who wants a headache anyway when you have a friend from the Philippines visiting?

We ordered then we took pictures and caught up with each other’s lives.


Ordered food – completely forgetting the chicken wings!!!!


Oh well!

By the time I realized I should be getting home, it was almost 5:30PM. I thought I’d get on the 6:20pm train, I think I still got time to chat.

After Lucky Strike (we didn’t bowl), we went outside to explore and take pictures.

Austin Mahone is here!

Source here

No I don’t know him. But a million tweens do!


Soon, it was time to go. They walked with me back to the train station and bade goodbye.


Til we see each other again, my friend!

And so my journey continues. Got on the subway to Union Station at 6:14pm with only 6minutes to spare. Got off Union Station and ran to the platform. Too late. Doors closed and was getting ready to leave. 😦 Next one is at 7:20pm.

While we were back at LA Live, my phone had died. So now with an hour to spare and no phone to distract me, I took out my diary and began to write.

Train came and was able to charge my phone again. Yipee! Seemed like a long time. Without checking my phone and letting hubby know I’ll be late felt like I sinned.

Got off at my stop. Got in my car and was on my way to meet CP (Cajon Pass). My friend reminded me of my crush in college whom we’ve nicknamed, CP. Short for Chess Plaza, a place where we always SPOT him. Now I have a new love?

Ahh! The journey home felt like a prelude to what winter’s commute will bring. Glanced at the time, 9:10pm. It was already dark, with 2 LEFT LANES CLOSED and everybody trying to change lanes while avoiding getting stuck staring at a truck’s behind.

I dread when winter comes. With snow coloring the picture, God forgive me for all the French words I’ll be uttering!