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It was a few minutes before five o’clock yesterday at work when we had a power outage. I was on the phone talking to my co-worker about prices when the last one we heard from each other was a scream. We were both surprised at the sudden void of light.

By the time this gets fixed, it will be time to go home, I figured. So I decided to go.

Looking at my watch – 5:02PM, I can catch the subway at 5:05PM and still make it to the Metrolink Express Train to San Bernardino! Yipee!

Delighted at the thought of it, I couldn’t sit still in the train. I was already thinking how surprised my family would be when they see me with still some daylight left.

But it didn’t last long. By the time, I saw the sign when I got onto the freeway and it read: BEAR VALLEY RD -70mins, I thought, Uh-oh something’s up!

I exited at Sierra Ave and went onto Glen Helen Parkway, parallel to the 15 fwy., then went back onto the I-15N.

This is what awaited me! A long line of traffic!

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Suddenly my feet were feeling hot, so I took my shoes off, and always keeping a pair of flip flops with me in the car, I put them on instead.


A little after the Kenwood exit…..


Look at the left.. something's happening definitely

Look at the left.. something’s happening definitely


I saw a couple of CHP (California Highway Patrol) cars on the shoulder and a couple of fire trucks as well.

Pretty soon after, traffic cleared until just before the Summit. Then it slowed again.






There’s someone old and wise who once said, “Nothing cures the blues than a nice slice of cake.”