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Look at this lady. I can’t even remember exactly why I took this picture.


Maybe it’s her cute skirt? Maybe. I have one exactly like it but in blue and white. Maybe I wanted to see in a photo how a black and white dotted skirt looks like? It is what it is, right? But not to me.

Yeah, I’m strange that way.

Ok maybe it’s her top? I like the ruffles trim. Not the color combo though. Honestly, I don’t remember why I took this picture.

But I know her. I mean, I see her everyday. A familiar stranger. She usually rides the train with a chubby bloke and another taller lady. I think they all work together. From what I hear she might be in the HR. Because one time this chubby bloke complained when he learned he’s not getting any bonus this quarter, he went ballistic. And I heard this lady calm him down in the train and called someone on the phone. Then afterwards, he seemed quiet but seemed almost pleased after his “tantrum”.

Fact or fiction? I could only eavesdrop suppose.

I normally don’t take picture of other people. If unavoidable and they’re in it, I just crop them out.

But on our last family holiday, I DID take pictures of people I don’t know – from afar. I’m not that bold enough.


You see these two kids feeding the ducks? They were dropped off by their Dad. See the one who’s wearing yellow trunks on a paddleboard? Yup. That’s him.


They live nearby and their folks got company and wants to show ’em around. They’ll stay here all day, if they want.

Another one, this bloke who just got dumped by his girlfriend. He booked this thinking they’d spend it together but alas, she broke it off. Now he’s afloat. His whole life washed away.


And now this picture reminded me of Vladimir and Johna when I saw this. Doesn’t it?


Smile, stranger! 🙂