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I always tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Give them a chance to prove themselves. But it’s not always easy. Once the ‘creeps’ feeling crawls on me, you’re done. Sayonara!

It’s easier to give places a chance, though. Looking back, for years I’ve been told by friends and trainmates that instead of getting off Fontana, try Rancho Cucamonga. And for years I’ve told them no.

Here were my excuses:

1. I’m a creature of habit. Once I’m accustomed going there and felt comfortable, it’s hard to change.

2. Parking at Rancho is hard. Not that there were not enough spaces; It’s the opposite. The parking lot is huge! It’s like parking in Disneyland with no parking names/faces to remember!

3. The traffic after my exit, Sierra Ave is always bad because of ongoing construction.

4. There’s a nice donut place at Fontana along the way.

5. I’m a creature of habit. Oh I said that already? I guess I’m just plain stubborn.

Here are my change of feelings:

1. Because I want to be always open for suggestions, I DARE myself to go out of my comfort zone. (It just takes me years to give in).

2. Parking WAS hard. I did have trouble finding my car afterwards. After a couple of days of getting lost trying to locate my car in the sea of zoom, I drove (when I finally got to my car) around the lot one more time and found a spot. This was further from the platform but had a good view of the train pulling in that would allow me to dash out in times I’m late.

3. Construction is still ongoing after the Sierra Ave exit but traffic was not at all bad. Not all the time.

4. Got eyes peeled for a nice donut place.

5. Still, I’m happier now that I park in Rancho Cucamonga, especially a Seafood City was built nearby and I can have all my bbq cravings satisfied.

**Read my Rancho Cucamonga transition – FULL STORY.

Happy Almost-Friday!