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It was one of those days where everything was damp from the rain.

I was in the train on my way home. It was already dark so if I look out the window, all I’d see would be my reflection. Feeling sleepy, I looked around and nobody looked suspicious, I decided to nap.

Just a few minutes after I closed my eyes, I smelled something. I know that smell. My defenses went up.

I opened my eyes — a COCKROACH! It was right next to me on the window. I screamed and stood up almost immediately which surprised my seatmate, which prompted other passengers to be alarmed as well.

What’s happening?” One asked with concern in his voice.

A roach. ” calmly answered my seatmate, while he gets a card out of his pocket and with it flicks the roach away, which then landed close to another lady. She too screamed. By this time everybody (at least the ladies) were up from their seats, looking around.

I checked around my seat making sure there no more of them hiding, trying to sneak up on me.

I thanked my seatmate. “No problem”, he replied. “My wife’s the same” he said with glee in his eyes.

I never went back to sleep. How could I? I swear I could feel those spiky legs crawling on me.

I keep counting the minutes til I get off this train…


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No, I know this is not a cockroach. But sure falls into that category! This beetle flies too! Waaaah!