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It’s back to school again. Traffic has not changed in the Cajon Pass. Sure, a lot more cars in the morning but I leave the house earlier too since school started (just in case).

Summers were the best times during my school-age years. Growing up in the Philippines, I would play outside with all the kids in the neighborhood until night falls. Some summers were spent in the my mom’s birthplace too. Summer was also the time for letter-writing. I had a couple of pen pals growing up (aside from my friends in school) and we didn’t have a telephone at home until I got into college. I know summers when I was in college was pretty hard for my Dad. Whenever he phones home, he couldn’t get through for the line is always busy (because I’m home! Lol) He’d resort to calling us on our cellphones or beepers!

High school came and I still play outside. I was 16 at that time and my friend came over to see me (I had the occasional visitors aka suitors but I don’t pay any attention to them). I was nowhere to be found. A note for me was left with a neighbour who owned a small store. Unfolded it, read it and was laughed so hard. I was told I was “too old” to be playing outside. I was told I was a budding young lady, and described and enumerated all things growing that puberty bring. And the streets were no place for a lady like me. What can I say, I’m a late bloomer.

Got into college and I did stop playing outside. But I do ride my bike around the subdivision and visit my friends. When my parents had enough trust in me to take the car, then my mode of transportation just got snazzier. Connecting with friends got easier. I no longer had to take public transportation (well, sometimes) though most of the time, my Dad or my Dad’s driver would chauffeur me around. Pretty soon I was driving myself to school and going to concerts with my friends — summer or not 😉

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what the season is. It’s all work and more work. If I take some time off, it would have to be during the summer so the whole family can join in and enjoy. So no blues here. Besides it’s my hubby who makes sure our children have breakfast before going to school so no worries for me ;-).