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Waking up early is my thing, I’d rather start my day early, provided I retire early for the night too.

Weekdays are especially tough, getting ready for work. Dragging myself out of bed can be a –drag.

Weekends are a different story. This is my ME time. I wake up before the sun rises. By Friday night or if I was too lazy to pick up a pen or type it in my phone, I already have it in my head a list of things to do. I want to check things off my list soonest I can so my mind is clear of distractions – further enhancing my “weekend getaway” (from it all).

Enjoying the stillness. Watching hummingbirds zoom by – poor creatures – always in a hurry. Breathing in the crisp, morning air. Slightly meditating… Focusing on the QUIETNESS which seem to be a rare commodity these days in our household.

After an hour .. my mind wanders back to my list…
Do laundry
Cook breakfast
Cook food for the week
Tidy up my work table
Hoover (when everyone’s woken up)

Most of the time this is my list of chores. If more things to be done, then I take one or two off the list to give way to more pressing issues (like outlet shopping and watching movies) 😉

But then there are still some “messes” to be taken care of in between .. like the ones that this lil monster of cuteness do.


Bless her heart.