Year 2829.

Robots digging. People in space suits. They’ve just traveled back to their mother planet, Earth, from Mars.

Something BIG has just been discovered.

After the Big Shake, the 8.0 magnitude of an earthquake that shook the entire High Desert and obliterated everything in sight. And now, for the first time, unearthing the belongings of this legendary Cajon Pass Commuter.

Thousands and thousands of paper train tickets. Wow! Why were they kept? archaeologists wonder.

Books and many, many books! Books with words. Big, thick books along with smaller books. Must’ve had lots of children, they assumed. Books with pictures and more pictures of babies, kids, and what “Earth” looked then! What could one do with all these? Such an odd one.

Oh, but what about the mountain of CDs? It was the dawn of digital age and yet this particular one had loads of ’em. A sentimental one perhaps?

Strangest were the notebooks covered in pictures of cars, flowers, recycled calendars and gift wrapping paper of different colors and designs. Folders after folders of so-called blogs.

Ahh, these were the life chronicles.
A blog blotter.