Thank God it’s Friday!

Because I’ve reached my data limit on my phone for the first time in forever, I decided to turn my Wi-fi off and cellular data so as not to incur any additional charges, just in case. My cell phone carrier keep sending me text messages reminding me to upgrade. Nah, I’ll survive.

I’ve kept the same number for as long as I remember. I’ve given them (phone company) good business and loyalty (even though there were really tempting deals). I’ve stayed on just because I hate calling them for everytime they try to sell me something that I can’t say no to.

As I write today in the train, on a quiet Friday morning, usually an excited chatter could be heard, telling each other of their weekend plans. Not today. QUIET.

That’s good. I can let my mind wander – to sleep that is.

Given my habit of daily blogging and/or reading, I never get any chance to play my music. Just listen. Unless I’m in the car where I can’t exactly keep looking for songs I like to play. I still have to drive, you know? So I just “shuffle”.

If I’m lucky I’ll hear songs I haven’t heard in a while. Most of the time, even though it’s on shuffle, out of 1500 songs, funny it seems like I hear the same songs again and again.

So now on a quiet, sunny Friday, 5th of September (quite a few celebrate their birthdays today – Happy Birthday to you!). Drifting off… nibbling on my fruits…

Though I know I will end up listening to my all-time favorite, the greatest Billy Joel.