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Beauty is within. What I believe is beautiful, no one else can take that away. It’s my own opinion.

Perception of beauty is passed on, however. Kids do not know whether one is ugly or beautiful. They take that cue from us. From the tone of our voice, the way we react to such, and our words are powerful tools for them to decipher and link whether it’s worth looking at or trash.

Everyday, I see women who are already beautiful, and yet still try to put heavy makeup on and dress like a getting-paid-for-my-sexy-services woman. Walks like she’s wearing a crown. Slowly waving to onlookers (gawkers, peepers) – her fans. Just to get attention. Masking what’s within, if any.

Strip them all off. (Keep the clothes on).

What matters is your style, grace, manners, hard work that would speak volumes to talk about and worth writing about.

Humility is important too. Putting yourself on a pedestal would do no good. Listen to what others tell you who’ve been there. Take notes.

But ultimately, not knowing how to use your noggin’ would get you nowhere.

Except in your boss’s pants.