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It’s still like this: If I have a cookie, gave it to someone, we’re instantly friends, like how Robert Fulghum says in his book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”



Train friendships are easy especially when train is super delayed or cancelled. That’s how I met some of mine. Maintaining them is hard. Because of different and conflicting schedules, we hardly see each other anymore. Sometimes not seeing each other for months. Hard to catch up. Though the feeling and interest is there, it just won’t work – Not convenient.

Keeping friendships or even having new friends has gotten harder as I got older.

It just wasn’t as simple then. It has gotten complicated. Oh how I wish I could be 5 again! Hee hee!

Questions go around my head. Does she have any kids? How old are they? Can my kids play with hers? Would my kids like hers? Would I like hers to be friends with mine? What about the husband? Would Mr. TL get along with the hubby?

And if it’s a potential guy friend, would I like his wife? Then the whole cycle of questions begin again. Aaarrgh!

Too complicated. Too many questions. Am I getting ahead of myself?

So now, when riding the train, I normally just keep to myself. Write or read. Or sleep. Not complicated at all.