Today, September the 24th 2014, I missed my usual train.

I made my train yesterday but on the way to Cal State, we just stopped. Choo choo Train was having mechanical difficulties. Made it eventually – after 20 minutes of idling.

But today was a diff’rent story. From my drive along Cajon Pass I-15S to when I got to the Metrolink station and parked, here’s what the CHP traffic has to say:


Yup. An accident on the fwy. It mentioned of five cars and of a fire but didn’t see any. I saw lots of glass on the road and only a couple of cars on the shoulder and a cop car and a tow truck parked further along, by the time I got on the “scene”.

Traffic on the way down:


More traffic at Cleghorn:


Then when I exited at Foothill, there was a road closure and nobody would want to give way. Full closure down to ONE LANE: