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It’s one of those days. No matter how early and no matter how smart (I try) driving I do, it’s just inevitable. Accident – no, make that accidents on the I-15S freeway this morning:




I stared at this sign for approximately six minutes (yes I timed it). We were stopped. I even had my car on ‘park’. The accident may have just happened.

Moving on, even the ‘bypass lane’ had a bit of a standstill. From thereon, another accident/incident too, until after Cleghorn, we were going just under 25mph.

I dare not take a picture of the accidents. Nothing serious, though. Just some badly bent cars. The passengers/drivers of the five? cars looks ok to me. Probably shaken (I would be too!) but hopeful they’re OK.

In this traffic, I cannot be, I cannot have, I cannot think and definitely CANNOT MOVE!

Be safe everyone!