The sun is high. No soul in sight. My hair wet when I left home — now dry. My bladder full. Even the train platform is quite empty than the usual sight I see.

It’s a sign. A sign that I’m late. Not only did I miss my train, I missed the next one too – an HOUR later.

What happened today, October 6th on this warm Monday morning?

Just before I got to the Summit, there was a tingling I sense (just like Spiderman) of doom. Ok maybe not of doom, just of dread.

You see I commute from Victorville to downtown Los Angeles. I take the Metrolink train at Rancho Cucamonga on the way to LA.

But today was the worst, so far. I’d like to start my week right and this happening is not my ideal way. I guess not this time.

Let’s be realistic:
On the Summit just to go down the Cajon Pass to the 138 (scales) took me a good hour and 10minutes.


Heck, even the bypass lane was jammed:


Saw the sign: Kenwood 2miles. I checked the time, 8:06AM. By the time I reached Kenwood Ave, it was 8:30AM. It took me 24minutes to reach two miles!

All because of this sign: