As I was queuing for the check-out at the grocery, I noticed this lady in front of me. Her cart full – and another one too. She’s got four kids with her, ranging from ages 2-6 years old (I’m guessing) playing with their iPhones and iPads. She’s paying now – with Food Stamps.

I got chicken and was out in no time.

Going out the grocery and into the parking lot, this lady got into her car – an ESCALADE. For someone who can’t pay her food sure can afford an Escalade? What’s wrong with the system?

Did you know that a household with at least four kids in it, with minimum DECLARED income may receive up to SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH! No wonder they can afford an Escalade!

I was told of one who’s got two of them! Both parents working full-time (cash basis). They’ve got a baby-sitter. They get $700++ food stamps from the government. And two Escalades.
This was relayed to me by one of my train mates.

Something is definitely wrong.

Then there’re the Yukon drivers who drive without car insurances. Isn’t it now illegal to drive without one (insurance)?

What happened to that?

You get into an accident and no insurance. Sorry.


Or an honest businessman shipping what the customer bought, shipping it as quickly as possible. Only the recipient calls the businessman claiming he got a rock instead. Such BS. But because bound by ‘rules’ clearly made for the consumer’s pleasure, businessman absorbs this cost.

Yet here I am paying my taxes and followed the immigration system waiting for years too long to count and become what I am today.

Only to subsidise this.