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This is it.

It’s unanimous. It’s unbelievable!

This month, October, is the winner: THE MONTH WITH THE MOST NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS

October 1st an accident
October 6 another one
October 13 another one
October 21 today’s accident

Hands down. Cajon Pass surely has overtaken my life.

I am late again today.

Beginning at Oak Hills, just at the entrance to the bypass lanes:
It was just beginning to get light.

Then an hour later: Sun has definitely risen. But we are not moving.

Almost at the scene of the accident:


Just as I passed the accident scene, I was sure I was gonna make my train (actually the next one already – for I had already missed my usual train by this time).

Unfortunately, I still didn’t make the second one. I missed it by six minutes!

Oh well! I’m just thankful I’m still alive!