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I may have been his imaginary friend.

He was just a year and eight months older.

He may have seen me being born but was not aware it was me.

I saw him from next-door neighbour’s second-floor window shouting my name, crying, looking for me — while I look on and giggle that he hasn’t seen and found me yet.

He was my first playmate in Boggle. He cried when he got a chess set gift instead of a guitar. But got pretty darn good at playing chess — I was always losing! He learned to ride his bike going ’round and around the garage – for a week.

I’d always pull his hairs and scratch him with my long nails but he doesn’t fight back. He’ll just tease me to death and I’ll cry and cry and pull his hairs harder!

He’s very good in dancing and was always part of a dance troupe. Once I caught him with his classmates (all boys) dancing Pearly Shell all goofy and girly.

Schoolmates and neighbours couldn’t tell us apart. I’d always be mistaken as him if I had my hair cut really short (I’d like to think of it as Demi Moore’s Ghost hair – not GI Jane’s!). Most of the time, it was done purely as a joke and for fun. I guess because we have the same smile. It’s a trademark.

Brings me Sprinkles cupcakes. He knows I haven’t tried them yet.

And texts me early in the morning (for him) today to let me know of a SIG Alert on my route.



He’s all grown up now. Still wakes up early for cartoons.

He’s Kuya, my big brother.