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My brother texts me this morning (too early for him) about an accident today just as I was driving out the garage.

So I looked it up on the CHP website. Yup a sig alert. But it was on the I-15N, which was the other way.

I still went my way. Listening to the traffic on the radio, it said that traffic was BOTH ways. There was a wrong-way driver on the freeway who hit a big rig. Big rig explodes engulfing the freeway in flames. This was in Baseline – along my route.

So I decided to go on my old route when I was still parking at Fontana. Exited on Sierra Ave. and went on along Foothill Blvd until I get to the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink. It took me about 20-25minutes more going along this route. Better this way than getting stuck on the freeway.

I still didn’t make my usual train but at least I got on the next one which is an hour later. Unlike yesterday. I missed my usual train and the next one an hour later! Then the next train was at 10:09am. So I got to work almost twelve! Sigh.