Driving along the freeway
Seemed a breeze today.
Playing and singing song after song on my iPhone,
Sets a relaxing tone.

Then the dreaded thing happened:
Everybody’s stopping
The night suddenly ablaze with red taillights
Decorating the road like Christmas lights.

Uh-oh. Feels like I need to go!
Not now, I thought.
Should I drive on the side and stop?
Through the weeds I relieve?
Risk becoming a mooner?

No-no-no, not for a lady like me.
Hold on. Hold it in.
You’ll be home in a jiff.
What did I tell you about drinking after 5:00pm? Voice inside me nags.

Jaws clenched.
Hands tight on the wheel.
Eyes narrowing, determined to
navigate through this mess.
Getting more and more uneasy.

Just a lil bit more! The other voice cheers.

Oh, but the fuel gauge’s only a quarter left.
You’ll have enough for tomorrow’s trip, hearing my butler’s voice.

Checking my fuel gauge every morning
as he warms the car up,
He’ll refill it, just because,
I know him. He knows me.

However, the Type A voice inside won.
Stopped at the petrol station,
Got my car’s fill.

Going around the bend…
This is it
Soon it’ll be amend.

Turned the car engine off.



This was me last night on the way home.

Happy Friday, everyone!