Last night on the way home along the I-15 freeway, as I was going around a curve, I noticed a bright light that looked like something is burning.

It looked like this:

This is the candle glow in the bathtub this morning as my toddler who woke up early with me is fascinated with them (me lighting them up and she blowing them while she sings happy birthday – so spent a great deal of time doing that)

Anyways, where were we? Ah! Back to my story… Turns out, it was a blue Volkswagen (newest model) on fire. It was on the shoulder and I was on the passing lane, though I swear I could feel the heat all the way from where I was. A little further up on the shoulder was a white van with a lady outside standing next to it.

Isn’t she afraid it might explode as the fire reaches the gas tank? I’ve never seen a (just began) burning car. Why is she not in a hurry to stay away from it as possible? Why is she just watching?

I speed up a lil bit, just in case it might.

In retrospect to all that’s happened to me this month, despite all the traffic and lost hours wasted sitting in it, and most of all because it’s my mom’s birthday today, I listen to Led Zeppelin’s (on repeat) Whole Lotta Love, Knebworth 1979 August 11th and close my eyes, breathing in the music… going back to how my butler was feeling that time when he watched their concert and Jimmy Page doing his thing and Robert Plant wagging his thing wearing his super, duper tight pants while girls look up at him and swoon. Hahaha!

I realize that I still have a whole lotta love to give! Along with it comes faith, hope, patience (yes please!) cos this wild thing refuses to give up. ❤️💕💕