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After being in the clouds for a couple of days, life has its way of bringing me back to reality. I am late again today.


According to the radio, freeway lanes were closed overnight and they were just getting traffic going because of a big accident. But two more happened. One at 395 and another down at 138 @ 76 petrol station. While I was driving crawling along, a car had stalled in the second lane. So everyone had been going around her.
Then on the opposite side of the freeway, it was a case of not giving way. Neither car would let either merge. So one sideswept the other. Then the other gets out of the car and starts banging on the other car’s hood. It was messy. Just go on with your days, please.

After Cleghorn, it was OK. But I’ve resigned to missing my train long gone by now. What’s the point of zooming when train had been missed?

Did you ever believe that when you are happy too much, you will cry too much later on too? Growing up, I believed in that. Thinking about it, that’s not living life. It’s inevitable. No matter how much laughing (out loud) I do, I will cry too. It’s just the way of life, isn’t it?

Another belief (in Filipino culture or at least in our family) is when a crow makes too much noise and always their beaks pointing at where you are, a bad omen is coming. Someone will die. It could be yourself or someone close to you. Or someone you know. Oh dear. It could be anybody!

Kidding aside, that’s what happened to my sister. (No, she did not die. Knock on wood.) A big crow just landed in front of their office door and started making its noise. She immediately thought of me. Since that night I got off Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station, finding my tire flat, my sister has not let me off the hook on getting my tires changed. That was in May. We’re in November now. Still haven’t done it. I always thought that I’ll just inflate it every time it gets down. That was my remedy for it.

She probably got tired of reminding me. So yesterday morning, at my workplace, she showed up demanding for my keys. She was going to change my tires.

Later in the day on the train going home, I called her. Or did she call me? I don’t recall. Anyways, she told me that I forgot to tell her where I parked. Oh bum! Good thing, more or less, she remembered I park in the same place every time. I found her waiting for me at the station. All four tires have been changed and aligned. She even did some dusting inside. Wow. Though it takes her almost the whole day, cleaning cars have always been her thing. What’s stressful for me must be therapeutic for her. Funny how two people raised in the same family could be so different.

Because she didn’t want to get paid for the tires, I offered to buy her dinner instead. She agreed. We went to Seafood City, a Filipino supermarket and one-stop shop nearby. It houses a Grill City and Jollibee (a Filipino McDonald’s), both fast food diners. We drove in separate cars. When we got there, I got my bag and I forgot my wallet! This always happens! I forget to put my wallet back in my bag from the diaper bag when we go out during the weekend.

Sheepishly, I told her I forgot my wallet. She’d have to buy us dinner! Lol
That’s why I don’t keep my train ticket in my wallet any more. I keep forgetting! I’ve just been lucky every time, the sheriffs trust this face.

So we had dinner. Talked about family stuff. It was short and sweet. That’s enough for me. Thanks, Ate!