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Because it’s Veteran’s Day today and we are all fighters in this war called Life, here’s an American tribute to one American painter, Paul Jackson Pollock.

Last weekend, we watched a movie/documentary on Jackson Pollock’s life.
I couldn’t help but be inspired by his wife’s (Lee Krasner) dedication that despite his (Pollock) neurotic behaviour, along with his own genius work, she stood by him.
Sometimes we need this “stability” to achieve greatness amidst the swirling rage we have in us.
So, if you all allow me to say that if Don McLean has Vincent on Van Gogh, here’s my take on Jackson Pollock and his wife’s intense, eccentric love:

Admit it, you’re afraid of me.
No matter how hard I try
You are immiscible with me
And maybe you should stick with other lipophilics like yourself.

First time I met you, I thought,
You were sleek
Your suave yet timid demeanour
Immediately drew me in
In dangerous, tense, hot situations,
You performed well.

You made everything look, taste and feel wonderful,
With your viscous stature,
Further reeling me in.
Spreading your exciting spitter spatter
That dwells naturally in your favour.

You were ambient enough,
When sober,
No distractions
Is all the cure.

You thought you make the best situation out of the worst with your
Refined characteristics, called friends.
Mixed with alcohol, it was a trap.
They brought the beast in you.
Still acting as emulsifier as hard as I can,
But just like the oil you are
Flammable, and potently, more volatile.

Soon you showed your true colours.
Left you alone.
You were toxic, being true to your nature
Lacking oxygen, should only be used in small doses
You not only left dust
Also, awe and magnificence,
For your works are thereby suffocating, asphyxiating ’til the end.

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