While most of you were dreaming sweet dreams last night, it was a nightmare for some. Especially the ones stuck on the bypass lane on the I-15 South on Cajon Pass.

As I got off the train and got into my car, I checked the traffic. Oh no! There was a Sig alert issued on the I-15 SOUTH (I am going North) freeway on the bypass lane. But it’s affecting both sides of the freeway. Oh boy.

I continued on. It was a breeze – until I got to the scales at 138. All cars were stopping. Then moving at only 3-8 mph, I called my butler and told him what’s happening and he said jokingly, “See you, Saturday night!” With the speed we’re going, I might as well be.

I did not see any cars coming from the other direction, just a fire truck and an ambulance speeding away. So I thought it must be really bad. It’s a Sig alert after all. There must be a fatality. Nothing’s coming from the South side. Then again, we were not moving any faster either.

Crawling up along the Cajon Pass that took almost an hour, a big rig had toppled over. Oh dear. It has completely blocked the two-lane bypass! What’s more sad was that the long line of cars stuck behind it and they had turned off their engines and lights. From afar, the bypass lane looks empty. But look closely, the drivers had just given up. Stranded. They knew they were not going anywhere. I feel for them.

Further up, they’ve closed the bypass lanes. But my gosh, the traffic just went on and on – on the other side.

That’s when it hit me:

I realised there was nothing really on our side to slow us down. Just like what the CHP said. Sig alert’s on the SOUTH side but affecting both sides. So I made my way to the farthest lane that was causing the delay. I looked in my rearview mirror, nobody was behind me. All were still there.



Why can’t we just GO!?!