Be with me?
Was your question
When we first went out,
To a movie of Angelina Jolie.

We couldn’t get enough of each other,
That all I see in the mirror
Your face
Was all I could think of, day after day.
I was high in ecstasy.

Not even into six months we’re together,
When you asked me,
To be with you forever.
I said yes!
On that beautiful Valentine’s day at the Getty Centre.

Though I knew you were gonna ask,
I have eyes and ears everywhere.
I am Sherlock Holmes, you’d know that years later.

You surprised me though when you spoke it,
In my mother’s tongue,
Then I knew I’ve met my match.

And so we tied the knot.
Never mind the bloody feet we got.
From ill-fitted shoes that we had on,
We were happy and giddy that together forever lives on.

Our life of sparkle and a few loose screws,
All bubbly and
Full of paparazzi.
It just seem like that
When the camera’s in our hands.

We try to capture every moment in paper,
Though I sure do wish we had one,
Remember when Old Bill pushed our Mini with his patrol car in the freeway?
That happened two or three? years ago around this same time too.
Now that would make a picturesque anniversary photo!

There is another one,
When you bonked your head with a sledgehammer
Trying to put Christmas lights on the house?
Yes you were bloody OK,
You were still breathing,
But dare not put my heart to test again!

Nothing will ever compare, though, with what we have,
Etched in our memories and in our hearts,
And that of our offsprings’ that will remain long years after ours.

So I ask you on this day,
Twentieth day of November
Year twenty and fourteen,
To be with me (and probably Wolfie)
Be with me in all sparkly (and loony),

When our responsibilities dwindle,
You think they would ever?
When we come to that moot point,
When all we have is each other,
Baby, be my friend,
But more importantly,
Be with me in stillness for all eternity.