Driving along the Cajon Pass was a breeze today. Could it be that closing the bypass lane DID make a difference on the flow of traffic? Or could it be because of the Thanksgiving holiday coming that a lot of commuters are on a holiday too? Whatever it is, I’m not complaining. Just thankful I am not stuck in traffic.

But I was not off the hook yet. Just as I was getting into the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station parking lot, there was a train to Los Angeles pulling in. Clock says 7:18. It can’t be my train. Did the schedule change? I wondered. Perhaps not. I figured it may be the earlier train running late.

I did not bother to hurry. I was not gonna make it anyways.

Went my way to the platform at my usual time. I’m not panicking. Yet. Took my notebook out and my fountain pen. I just gotta write what’s in my head.

Hmmmmm… the train’s taking longer than usual. 7:36. It’s not here yet. Checked the Metrolink update. Nothing. Train? Nowhere in sight too. I wonder….

Afterwards, this lady looked at me and said, “Train’s coming. Checked Twitter and it’s delayed because of speed restrictions.”

Well, there you go. Bob’s yer uncle! Fifteen minutes of wondering. Wonder no more. Darn, I really need to get Twitterin’ too!

Thanks, lady! And wished her a great day!