Living here in Victorville can sometimes feel like you are on an island. Most may not consider it paradise but it is home. It was around springtime when we decided to buy a house. We used to drive during nighttime from Los Angeles and check the neighborhood we were going to live in. Seems safe.
But one thing we noticed that stood out is the night sky. Full of stars, brightly shining. Oh and especially during full moon! We used to sit in the car and just look up. Gaze upon the stars and dream.

We fell in love.

We kinda knew what we were signing up for, especially the commute part.

So, here are my five findings about living in the High Desert:

1. Pack on plenty of sleep – whenever you can.
We all know that with having babies, you WILL lack sleep. It’s a given. Coupled with commuting to and from the Cajon Pass? One would need to “use” that sleep you’ve “invested and had set aside” before babies. Also, just the thought that I used to have four-hour naps were enough to get me by. Sigh, those were the days…

2. Water tends to be expensive too. We need water (and sewer) – a necessity.

3. An airconditioner is a must. If outside, a hat for the burning sun. Be prepared for the 100-plus-something degrees in summertime. If you can stay indoors, please do. Run and seek shelter, if you must. The heat is brutal for somebody who’s not used to the heat, unlike for a tropical native like me who starts thawing at 85 degrees Farenheight.

4. Sunglases.
Besides the glaring, searing heat, you need protection as well from the wind, especially when seasons change. It can get very windy in between weather changes. Hold on to your hat. Chain down your furniture, as what our neighbors do. You don’t want giving away your inflatable pool!
We used to have bird pets. One day we left them outside so they can breathe some fresh air. But suddenly it got windy and the next thing we know we look outside to find the cage “floating” like a levitation spell was cast upon it then slammed down on the grass with the cage door open.

5. Blanket for the cold, snowy days.
Winter in Victorville can get very cold. Not only would the blanket be nice to keep you warm, it’d be nice to lay on it for star gazing too. Hot cocoa optional.

Hmmm, on second thought, yes it’ll be nice to have one or two.