I had a previous post on what’s it like living in Victorville. Now what’s it like being a commuter.

Only a Cajon Pass Commuter would:

– Rack up on mileage points. If there were ever a travel points club, I’d be its first member. I’m used to hours of travel. Though there are times I’d rather be home and be a shut-in.

– Go through different weather systems in a day, especially wintertime. Here in Victorville would be cold and foggy. Along the Pass would be snowy. If you haven’t seen a snowstorm, the Pass is the place to be. Though I wouldn’t recommend one stay there and park on the shoulder, it’s too dangerous. Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga area, you’ll be greeted with pounding rain. Then when you get to Los Angeles, all is dry and sunny. Yep, LA has got the perfect weather.

– Pack towels, blankets, wet wipes, torch/flashlights, water, snacks in the car. Just in case of a sudden calamity or getting stranded along the way.

– Be worried about not having enough petrol in the car. Imagine with only a bit left with your cat shuddering to go on. Then you get stuck in traffic with nowhere to go but the shoulder and wait for the tow truck (if you get a signal in your cellphone). What if you got kids with you?

– Sign up for traffic updates. At least my brother would. He doesn’t even live in Victorville! But he lets me know what’s happening with traffic and even here around Victorville. Like last Saturday he called me about a fire. I was oblivious. I looked out the window and told him I don’t see anything unusual happening.

– Say “down the hill” meaning down with the rest of the civilization. When we were new here, this phrase used to annoy the heck out of me. Now, I catch myself saying this as well. It’s a way of life. Resistance is futile. Just in this example.

– Say, “.. I’ll be home in a couple hours..” That meant going straight home!