Been listening to Bryson Andres’s songs. I thought it’s a perfect day today to listen to violins.
Here’s a post, brought by an inspiration from his music, I wrote last year when I first heard about him on YouTube.

It all started with a photograph.
You made a peace sign.
That’s what you do.
Little did we know we’d be going down this path.
Unfinished. Unknown. Left wondering on what-ifs and coulda-beens.

You serenaded me with your strings and bow. Til it was too late for me to realize you made an impression on my unfretted heart.

Got caught in growing up and living our own lives.
Trying to find meaning and purpose.
Even went away and started another life.

Searched and fiddled through,
Asked all around
If you were anywhere to be found.
But alas it was not up to me.
All is now in Providence’s Hand.