Yipes! With only fourteen days to go
’til Christmas Day,
Hoping to finish in time and not break the bank as I check off items on The List of my Parcelmouths.

Boxes and boxes
Coming, being delivered by either
The post lady, UPS or FedEx.
Going straight to the Chamber of Secrets,
Otherwise known as the linen closet,
Until all is wrapped up and ready for show.

With no time (nor patience!) to go to an actual shopping mall,
Ordered all my parcels be delivered at home.
Saved time and sanity dealing with crowds and long lines at the counter.

As long as I stick to The List,
I’ll be fine.
A trait I have yet to master,
Practiced to perfection by my Butler.

It was a really windy today,
I hope all the items purchased
Make its way with no delays.

Would love to see those lil faces light up,
Brighter than the Christmas lights on the tree.
Provided it’s a gift received with delight.

If unwanted, Oh well! I guess it’ll be another, Christmas to Remember.