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Was going to post this morning but I left my telephone in the car. What a great year-ender reminder — I’m not getting any younger!

On yesterday’s drive, it just started to rain at around 4:30pm and traffic was really bad.

There was some bit of fluff but it didn’t last long.

Now, for today’s morning commute, I woke up at four am to check on the traffic and if the Cajon Pass is open.

It is.

This shot before the Cajon Pass:


On the Cajon Pass:



When I got to the bottom of the Pass, it got very windy that I had to hold on to the wheel with both hands. Thus, no shots.

Lastly, a shot along Miliken Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga:


The drive home was fairly light even when I got to the Cajon Pass. Salt or gravel or whatever-it-was was being poured on the freeway. Glad everyone cooperated while this was being done.

Whew! I made it.